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Copts Seek Hate Speech Warrant Against Al-Azhar Authority

Posted on August 14 2010 12:00 pm

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In one hand we have hate speech laws. In the other we have the violent language of normal Mohammedan religious text. It was inevitable that minds would put the two together. But who expected it to be the Copts? It’s almost too logical. And they are taking it to court.

The Copts are an obviously oppressed minority population. They are the direct targets of Mohammedan clerical incitement and popular violence — on such a regular basis that even the legacy press finds it difficult to hide. This presents even the most practiced, westernized apologist with a problem. The Egyptian Mohammedans can’t out-victim them. The Copts can’t be Zionist “occupiers”. And somehow “islamophobe” doesn’t strike quite the right note in front of a freshly burnt church. What’s a propagandist to do?

We are informed by the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) by way of Former Muslims United that:

A Christian Coptic human rights group is seeking to initiate an international arrest warrant in the United Kingdom against the leading Muslim fundamentalist cleric Sheikh Yousef al-Badri for inciting Muslims to kill apostates from Islam in Egypt. Al-Badri, who is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and is associated with the primary Islamic institute of al Azhar University, is reported to have stated “God has commanded us to kill those who leave Islam.”

Dr. Ibrahim Habib, President of United Copts of Great Britain who will initiate the arrest warrant says,

“Incitement to kill is a crime under legal and ethical norms.”

There are some noteworthy things in this. (I will not discuss the obviously relevant writings of Robert Spencer or the positions of Geert Wilders in this post, as there is another matter here that has my attention.)

First and foremost is the association of the accused Mr. Al-Badri with al Azhar University. Al Azhar is THE Mohammedan school. Its name is a byword in the Mohammedan nations. And the Supreme Council, as it is amusingly called, appears to be the school’s full time propaganda organ. The point here being that this guy is not some sort of obscure backwoods wingnut. In all likelihood, he is no wingnut at all, but rather a thoroughly vetted and respected Mohammedan authority at THE preeminent Islamic school — and moreover, working for that part of the institution whose specific mission is to spread and represent the faith, i.e. … he has sanction.

Neither is his utterance especially unusual. The Koran itself, in verse 4:89 says of the apostate:

But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.

… and one could paper one’s walls with the pages of venerated and dusty tomes of Mohammedan exegesis dedicated to explaining that, yes indeed, that means you are in fact supposed to kill anybody who converts from Mohammedanism.

This position, that one must kill defectors, is not as we see a wacky doctrine held only by — say it all together now — a tiny minority of extremists, but is rather an official position of an authority at a leading mainstream institution. In fact, the university is traditionally part of the prestigious Al Azhar mosque where our very own Mr. Obama gave his Cairo speech.

Uh, oh … better get back to the story.

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