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Media Scrambles to Obscure Mass Murderer Omar Thornton’s Racism

Posted on August 13 2010 4:00 pm

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It is an oft-repeated cliché that tragedies bring out the best and worst in people. Among the Liberal media, of whom the worst can generally be expected, each tragedy represents a new challenge to impose —however tortuously—a politically correct interpretation that is at least superficially credible.

One can readily appreciate therefore that Omar Thornton—a disgruntled employee, dismissed for theft, who went on a shooting rampage killing eight co-workers, then himself, last week—represented a special challenge. Thornton, after all, was African-American. Typically when a serial loser blames all his problems on members of another race, then acts upon it murderously, the approved scenario is that the loser be white.

Thornton’s failure to oblige on this one important detail set the media riding off madly in all directions in search of ways to correct what must have seemed like a rent in the universe. It is an article of faith among the Left that only people who closely resemble Rod Steiger are capable of racism so any evidence to the contrary is treated like a divide by zero problem.  Accordingly, the only remaining alternative was to elevate the evil of the victims so as to justify Thornton’s actions.


Family members say Omar Thornton, the man suspected in the Tuesday morning massacre at Hartford Distributors, was a quiet, hard-working man who wasn’t a violent person, but was pushed to the breaking point by harassment at work.

CBS News

The lion’s share of the evidence for this appears to come from individuals who are “family members” only by virtue of having cohabited with Thornton some time over the last ten years.

Consider AP’s masterwork based, among other things, on the recollections of an ex-girlfriend of eight years previous and her sister.

“He always felt like he was being discriminated (against) because he was black,” said Jessica Anne Brocuglio, his former girlfriend. “Basically they wouldn’t give him pay raises. He never felt like they accepted him as a hard working person.”

Perhaps not sensing its inherent irony, the writer includes a passage that might possibly provide an additional clue as to why Mr. Thornton wasn’t getting those raises. (For maximum impact, try reading it aloud in a “Columbo” type voice, prefacing it with, “Excuse me sir, there’s just one more thing …”)

Around [2001] Thornton was hired as a driver with Chemstation New England, a chemical company in South Windsor. But he was let go after 10 months, unable to master the mechanical skills involved handling the equipment, said Bruce LeFebvre, the owner.

Perhaps realizing that hearsay from an old girlfriend might seem a little flimsy, the media sought out Mr. Thornton’s latest girlfriend, and her mom, to obtain more up-to-date hearsay.

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