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Don’t Cry for Me, Barack Obama

Posted on August 13 2010 9:45 pm
Robin of Berkeley is a recovering liberal, licensed psychotherapist & frequent contributor to American Thinker. Contact her at: robinofberkeley@hotmail.
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Apparently Obama broke down weeping during the funeral of civil rights leader, Dorothy Height.  This sight left me strangely unmoved.

This is peculiar because I cry at almost anything. If there is a random stranger bawling on the street, my waterworks start flowing. Just last week I had a meltdown after my husband, Jon, and I went to the local pound.

A Dr. Doolitte type, Jon rescued some stray mutt, nestled her in our car, and together we brought the pooch over to a local shelter. When we said goodbye to the whimpering animal, I melted in a pool of tears. Exasperated, Jon not only had to deal with the dog’s slobbering, but mine as well.

Yet, seeing the photographs of our blubbering President left me feeling ice cold. I’ve asked myself, why? The reason: because this man cares not a whit about you or me.

Sure, he seems moved about the loss of Ms. Height. And she may have been a wonderful woman, for all I know. Perhaps she was a grandma substitute, since Obama regarded his own grandma as a typical white racist.

But Obama cries no tears for you or me. When 13 of our soldiers, including a pregnant woman, were slaughtered in cold blood at Ft. Hood, Obama didn’t interrupt his Native American shout-out. When he shared the horrific news, his voice was as flat as a pancake.

Obama shows a puzzling lack of concern for the dangers of Jihad, such as Ft. Hood’s Major Hasan. Obama is the first President in history who even won’t let us call our enemy “our enemy.”

And when the BP spill first devastated our Gulf Coast, Obama was nowhere to be found. Actually, that’s not true. He was golfing, fund raising, and dancing the night away.

With the economy in shambles, and people out of work and desperate, I see no emotion from Obama. He displays the opposite of concern. And the man has no qualms about going on a spending spree with our hard earned dough. Obama cavalierly gives our money away as he sees fit, to the Palestinians, the Pakistani’s, even to Kenya to push abortions.

On the bright side, perhaps Obama’s weeping shows that he still has a heart (although it may have been crocodile tears, who knows?). But his sorrow is restricted to only certain designated victim groups. For the rest of us, living quiet, law-abiding lives, I don’t see an ounce of concern.

But it’s worse than Obama not caring. Indifference would be bad enough. This President is intent on punishing and tormenting those whom he doesn’t like.

Obama causes suffering and heartbreak wherever he goes and whatever he does. When it comes to average citizens of this fair nation, Obama sheds no tears — he just evokes them.


Robin of Berkeley is a frequent contributor to the website, She has been on a number of Talk Radio shows, including Michael Savage and Rusty Humphreys. Robin is a recovering liberal and a licensed psychotherapist. Contact her at: robinofberkeley@hotmail.

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