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Dialogue? We Don’t Need No Stinking Dialogue – Gutfeld’s Gay Bar, Part 4

Posted on August 13 2010 12:00 pm
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Gutfeld Asks for Dialoge, Gets This in Return

This morning’s guests were: John Devore, Patti Ann Browne and “Red Eye” creator  and NewsCore CEO John Moody.

The cast and guests discussed Charlie Rangel’s 80th birthday bash, the percentage of American births to illegal immigrants, the end of the comic strip “Cathy” and the new Pop Tart World store in New York City.

Once again, host Greg Gutfeld’s featured “Greg-Alogue” was about his proposed gay bar near the Ground Zero Mosque, which spokesman Park51 insists should be rightfully called a community center.

Several days ago, Park51 accused Gutfeld of ignoring the sensibilities of Muslims, thus failing to build dialogue. Being as open minded as he is, Gutfeld asked Park51 to come on “Red Eye” and discuss the issue.

From yesterday’s post at The Daily Gut

And so, earlier, I tried to build dialogue. I tweeted them all day, asking them why they rejected Paterson – and offered them a spot on Redeye.

They evaded the question – and, in the spirit of communication and tolerance – turned down my show. Their reasoning: I wouldn’t engage in “dialogue.”

So, by asking them to come on the show, and talk about the mosque, I was not engaging in “dialogue.” And by refusing to come on the show, they were.

And here again you see where, when it comes to the mosque, tolerance is a one-way street. We tolerate them. They hate us.

To be fair, this isn’t entirely correct. According to Park51:

We’ve turned down a number of major networks TV show appearance requests due to Ramadan. Please respect that.

So, it’s not specifically “Red Eye” that Park 51 is rejecting, but news in general. And this is because:

I can work, send emails, take mtgs and be on twitter at the same time #cantdothatontelevision #ramadanfriendly

For those not familiar with Twitter, the hash tag words are a sort of shorthand, often used to deliver a summary or punch line at the end of a “tweet,” which only allows 140 characters.

Park51’s positions are a bit baffling. He wants to open dialogue and build bridges, but when it comes to Gutfeld in particular, or even anyone from Fox

Sorry until you plan on listening to what our project is and having a conversation that isn’t attacks #nofox #sosorry

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