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Amnesty International Blesses Fatherless Families

Posted on August 13 2010 5:00 pm
Ben-Peter Terpstra is an Australian satirist and polemicist. His works have been posted on numerous sites from The Daily Caller (Washington D.C.) to Quadrant Online (Sydney, Australia). He blogs at Positively Churchillian.
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There’s no debate. Amnesty International (AI) doesn’t believe in debates. The international “human rights” group militantly states that:

Amnesty International opposes discrimination in civil marriage laws on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and calls on states to recognize families of choice, across borders where necessary.  States should not discriminate against minority groups based on identity.

But who defines “discrimination”? And who declares that “discrimination” is always bad?  I, for, one am in favor of laws that guard a child’s right to a biological father and mother. Indeed, that’s why so many conservatives (a) oppose expressive divorces and (b) discourage social engineering – or the purposeful establishment of fatherless families.

It is disappointing that adults-only libertarians are turning a once respectable organization into a militant gay rights club. The Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg notes that:

Marriage is not simply a civil institution, nor is it simply a religious institution. It is, instead, a natural institution, whose definition as the union of one man and one woman is rooted in the order of nature itself. There is only one reason why marriage is treated as a public institution–to promote and regulate the type of relationship that can result naturally in the reproduction of the human race. Marriage encourages the raising of children by the mother and father who conceived them. Social science confirms that children who are raised by their own married mother and father are happier, healthier, and more prosperous than those raised in any other family structure.

And yet? AI sees no problem with denying children their needs. In point of fact, the “human rights” group hosts a special Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Human Rights section, to make another point about bias. In AI’s view the importance of fathers and mothers to the lives of boys and girls needs to be erased for political reasons. They have no special section. Or an advocacy platform.

According to AI’s transgender “logic” too, one can change sexes like nappies.  While science explains that we can’t feel the two kinds of sex chromosomes–”X” and “Y” away, the fact that females carry two X chromosomes (XX) and males carry one X and one Y (XY) doesn’t bother self-styled human rights groups, in the least. If you feel like a woman, then you’re a woman, and if you feel like a man, then you must be a man, period.  But pity the fatherless children caught up in AI’s cobwebs.


Ben-Peter Terpstra is an Australian satirist and cartoon lover. His works have been posted on numerous sites from American Thinker (California) to Quadrant Online (Sydney, Australia). For more information see, Pizza Trays and Beer Bottles.

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