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“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” Provides A Nostalgic View of Gaming’s Early Days

Posted on August 13 2010 10:00 am

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Do you remember when the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System came out? If you do and it brings on a nostalgic feeling, you are likely a member of Generation-Y. The good old days of Super Mario Brothers and 2D fighting games are long gone. However, some of us can still remember a simpler time, when video games were uncomplicated and controllers only had a D-pad as well as A and B buttons. Those were the days…

The latest video games are more like interactive films. Today’s kids would laugh at what we used to love on the NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World gives us a throwback to the early days of gaming that should bring back some memories. Before the film begins, the Universal Pictures logo is presented in 8-bit with crappy sound that could only be ear-piercingly reminiscent of something the original Nintendo would produce.

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a 22 year old kid who lives across the street from where he grew up. His gay roommate, Wallace (Kieran Culkin), awkwardly shares a bed with him. To make matters worse, Wallace constantly has boyfriends sleeping over (so that’s three dudes, one bed). Scott is currently dating a 17 year old, Kives Chau (played by the adorable Ellen Wong), who is completely obsessed with him. While his relationship is the butt of many jokes from Scott’s friends, it is his band (Sex Bob-omb) that is their focal point. The band is looking for a break in an upcoming battle of the bands contest where they will try to expand their fan base beyond Scott’s giddy high school girlfriend.

One night Scott has a dream of a girl, with short, purple hair, gliding past him on roller blades. The dream begins to mess with his head and one day, while at the library with Knives, Scott notices the girl in his dream at the front desk. From then on, it becomes impossible for Scott to forget about her and it impedes on his relationship with Knives. The plot thickens when Scott orders something online and the package is delivered by the girl in his dream. In the typical Michael Cera fashion, Scott stumbles over his words until he gets the girl to agree to hang out with him.

As it turns out, the girl’s name is Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and she just moved to Canada from New York City. While Scott, being the typical Michael Cera character, should have no chance with Ramona, somehow he wins her over with his idiotic non-existent charm. The only problem is that in order to have her he must fight and defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

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