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Father Michael Pfleger: Silencing the Violence

Posted on August 12 2010 12:00 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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In response to my recent article, Top 5 Snakes in the Catholic Left’s Brood of Vipers, a reader commented that he expected to see Fr. Michael Pfleger‘s name on the list. NRB readers may be surprised to learn that Fr. Pfleger currently has no place on any such list. Pfleger has offered much to be critical of over the years, but lately he has been very busy doing exceedingly noble work in Chicago. We here at NRB are focused on informing you, our readers, about the Agendas of the Left, but when one among their number does something worthy of recognition, it’s important that we stand with him. So it is with Fr. Pfleger’s mission to stop violence in Chicago through his ministry at St. Sabina Catholic Church.

Fr. Pfleger is someone who has been on my mind a lot since I started covering the Catholic Left. As a faithful Catholic, it is my duty to treat any priest with respect. Because we share the same Catholic (Greek for “universal”) Faith, it is impossible for me not to feel a connection to Fr. Pfleger. At the same time, such a connection makes our serious disagreements all the more painful for me. Since it is every Catholic’s right and duty to speak out for the good of the Church, even when it means correcting a priest or bishop, I’ve been keeping my eye on Fr. Pfleger’s activities since early July. It is with joy that I am able to report that during the entire time, every story I could find about Fr. Pfleger has been soley in regard to his tireless efforts to end violence in Chicago, primarily in the context of the murder of officer Michael Bailey.

While it is true that Fr. Pfleger remains a close ally to many of those we know to be a part of the “Chicago machine“, we also must acknowledge that the vast majority of the work Fr. Pfleger has been doing in Chicago has been a beacon of light to many who might otherwise find themselves suffering from a sense of deep hopelessness. When officer Bailey, who was also a firefighter preparing to retire from service, was murdered while off duty and cleaning his car in his own driveway, Fr. Pfleger was a rock of strength for the grieving community.

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