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Nagasaki & Hiroshima: No Regrets

Posted on August 11 2010 9:00 am
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A couple of years back, I was invited to participate in a TV special in New York that was put on by the equivalent of PBS in Japan. Long story short, it featured Americans talking with people from Hiroshima about nuclear weapons. The result, which I’ve never seen, was supposed to be shown on the anniversary of the bombing in Japan.

Not surprisingly, the people from Hiroshima didn’t feel they should have been nuked, nor were they fans of nuclear weapons today. It’s understandable that they might feel that way. It reminds me of a Brit who was repulsed and disgusted by Mel Gibson’s character in The Patriot, because he butchered a number of British soldiers with a tomahawk. Which end of the ax you end up on does have a way of changing your perspective.

But despite the fact that Japan is a friendly ally of our country today, some things need to be said: Japan DESERVED everything it got in WW2 and then some.

Japan raped, looted, and murdered its way across the Pacific. There was the Bataan Death March. The rape of Nanking. Japan engaged in human experimentation, engaged in multiple massacres, & deliberately starved millions of people to death. And all that is aside from the fact that country helped start WW2 and attacked America at Pearl Harbor.

Quite frankly, the United States would have been justified, multiple times over, in wiping Japan off the face of the earth for the evil that nation did during WW2. Yet, we didn’t do that. Instead, Truman carefully considered the facts before he chose to nuke Japan.

Read the whole thing at Right Wing News.

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