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Heaven and Halal – Gutfeld’s Gay Bar, Part 2

Posted on August 11 2010 1:00 pm
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Halal is Arabic for "lawful." As in, it's lawful for a gay bar to be built next to a community center.

While tonight’s “Red Eye” made no mention of it, I have it on good authority that yesterday was ombudsman Andy Levy’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Andy! Your fans salute you.

Today’s episode of “Red Eye” featured guests Monica Crowley, Steven Crowder and Ron Geraci.

Among the subjects discussed were JetBlue’s now former flight attendant Steven Slater, Levi Johnston’s run for mayor of Wasilla, AK (and accompanying reality show) and an interview with Jason Bonham on his upcoming Led Zeppelin tribute tour.

For the second day in a row, host Greg Gutfeld’s “Greg-Alogue” focused on his proposal to build a gay bar near the Ground Zero Mosque/Community Center. Indeed, he could hardly have picked another topic, as the media response to Gutfeld’s idea has been swift and ubiquitous. Gutfeld even appeared on today’s Glenn Beck show to discuss the concept.

Naturally, the Leftist media, who totally embraces diversity and civil rights for gays, was completely supportive. Media Matters for America contributor, Oliver Willis, linked to an excerpt of Beck’s interview with Gutfeld, where Gutfeld discussed some of the suggested names for his new bar. Of course, Willis concluded, this makes Gutfeld and Beck “anti-gay.”

The problem is, the segment Media Matters highlighted fails to mention those names were thought of by “Red Eye” fans, some of whom are themselves gay, and not by Beck or Gutfeld. They simply joined in on the fun.

That’s how it is, though. Tolerance is a lesson the radical Left will “teach” us if they have to beat every single one of us with a stick and call us all bigots to do it. Still, leftists did seem confused by Gutfeld, being split down the middle on whether he was a homophobe, or a closet case.

The highlight of the day came earlier, when Gutfeld tweeted his proposal to several Twitter accounts used by people involved in the Ground Zero Mosque project. There arose a brief scuffle between Gutfeld and Park51 brilliantly tracked by NewsBusters columnist, Lachlan Markay.

Park51 is the “official Twitter account of the Park51 Lower Manhattan community center project.” In response to Gutfeld, Park51 wrote

You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog

This is what it’s all about, really. We must consider the sensibilities of Muslims. Muslims lead by radical Imam Feisal Rauf, who has blamed the US for 9/11 and thinks we should all live under Sharia law. When they are asked to consider the sensibilities of those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks, or otherwise oppose the mosque, then not so much.

Park51 never responded as to what sensibilities, exactly, Gutfeld was failing to consider. He (or she) went on to say no Muslim would frequent a bar, but all were welcome at the community center. In fact, Park51 insists

We’re a Muslim modeled YMCA or JCC with a prayer space.

Yes. All Jewish Community Centers are headed by people who claim Osama bin Laden was made in the US, or who employed people that made statements like “only the Jews” could have been responsible for 9/11.

This is Gutfeld’s entire point, and one which Park51 swallowed whole while missing entirely. Tolerance is a two-way street. If we’re going to tolerate a megalithic “community center” near the spot where several thousand Americans lost their lives due to Islamic terrorism, the least the community center could do is to show the same consideration of others.

Of course, that isn’t one of their agenda items. Spreading radical Islam is, no matter how “moderate” they claim to be.

Dennis Miller stated it best when he wrote.

That Muslims can build a mosque at the WTC tells you everything about America. That they WILL build it, tells you everything about Islam.

Chris Barnhart is a conservative social and political blogger. He can also be found, frequently, haunting Twitter.

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