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Ground Zero Mosque Update: Has The Worm Started To Turn?

Posted on August 11 2010 10:00 pm
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Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer deserve credit for being on point in the fight against the mosque at Ground Zero. They were first out of the gates and of course, the pioneers get hit with most of the arrows. Both of them were unfairly attacked, maligned, and pilloried as racists, bigots, and generally horrible people for not wanting a mosque built practically on top of the corpses of the people who were murdered by radical Islamists in the name of Islam.

Eventually, they drew attention to what was going on and more of us started speaking out. Then, God bless her, Sarah Palin jumped in. That’s when it officially became okay for the GOP to get involved en masse — and along with Joe Lieberman, the ADL, and other groups, they did. This made sense, because multiple polls show that the people of New York and the American people are against having this mosque. Still, the liberal elite in New York were wholeheartedly in favor of the idea and let’s face it: They run things there. So, it still seemed entirely possible that despite all of the public pressure, the mosque was fated to go forward anyway.

However, yesterday things changed and for the first time, the odds started to even out a bit.

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