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The Top 5 JournOlists and Their 3 ‘Big Media’ Conservative Apologists

Posted on August 10 2010 8:00 am

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3. Daniel Foster. From is perch at National Review Online, Foster echoes the same excuses and rationales as Tabin, but adds one more. He suggests what Yglesias expressly charges — namely, that the Daily Caller ripped snippets of information out of context to unfairly impugn the journalistic integrity of the JournOlists.

“Release the threads,” Foster demands. Release the threads “to avoid charges of sensationalism.”

But as I explained here at NewsReal Blog,

It is far from clear that any additional context would exonerate them [the JournOlists]. Their comments are pretty stark and damning.

Moreover, as [Daily Caller editor Tucker] Carlson has observed, most of the Journolist archive is banal; and some of it would needlessly embarrass people.

“So while it might be amusing to air threads theorizing about the personal and sexual shortcomings of various New Republic staffers,” says Carlson, “we’ve decided to pull back… Anyone on Journolist who claims we quoted him ‘out of context’ can reveal the context himself.”

Surprise, surprise, but it doesn’t look like any Journolist has seriously taken Carlson up on his offer. (Gee, I wonder why?!)

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