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Progressives Reduce Women to the Sum of Their Girly Parts

Posted on August 10 2010 7:30 pm
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From Lori Ziganto’s latest article at Human Events:

So-called progressives recently gathered in Las Vegas for their annual NetRoots conference, where they celebrate diversity and individual freedom—by marching in lockstep to an ideological agenda and demonizing those who actually embrace diversity of thought and personal liberty.

You know, like those evil conservatives.

While most of the conference was tiresomely predictable, something stood out to me.

Pro-abortion NARAL was there, naturally. But, what was conspicuous to me about their attendance were the buttons that they were giving away and the T-shirts that they were selling, emblazoned with “I heart pro-choice boys” and “I heart pro-choice girls.” Unironically. A vast supply of merchandise that encourages the disrespect of women and the killing of their unborn babies.

Instead of trying to code it up with “I heart pro-choice girls,” they should have just been honest (I know, they aren’t too good at the honesty thing, intellectually or otherwise) and flat-out said, “I heart girls who will let me use them for sex and abort any resulting pregnancy—no responsibility and no respect needed” or, simply, “no muss, no fuss.”

Who wants to think about a pesky, punishing baby when we want to “get some”? Instant gratification, baby.

The buttons basically shout “Come on in. My body is just for your amusement.” Progressive faux-feminists, through their deluded quest for some nebulously defined form of equality through “sexual empowerment” and “reproductive rights,” have achieved nothing but harm to women.

While Netroots was encouraging women to “heart” men who will knock them up, then gleefully take them to the abortion clinic, the conservative conference held concurrently, Right Online, was respecting women as human beings and extolling them for very different things. The right doesn’t reduce women to the sum of their girly parts, as the left does.

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Follow Lori  on Twitter and read more of her work at Snark and Boobs, iOwntheWorld , Right Wing News and Red State.

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