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Mauro in Israel Day 8: Hate Gas Prices? Israel’s Coming to the Rescue!

Posted on August 10 2010 7:00 pm
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Thank you to Stand With Us’ Once in a Lifetime project for making this trip possible!

If you’re like me, you get pissed every time you fill up your gas tank—whether it’s over the environment, the price, the economic affects, or geopolitics. Today, my friends, I felt like I got to give the middle finger to all the anti-Western regimes that use our economy to fuel our own defeat.

I went to a site built by a company called Better Place that has used Israeli technology to develop an electric car and work out all the details to give its enemies quite possibly the biggest butt kicking they’ve ever received without firing a shot. And I got to drive it. And let me tell you—it’s smooth, it accelerates fast, handles great, is ultra quiet, and it’s refreshing to see absolutely zero smoke coming out of the nonexistent tailpipe.

The cars are charged when they are parked and can drive for 100 miles straight. If you are in the very small percentage that drives more than that at once per day, you can stop at a station to have your battery exchanged for a charged one in less than two minutes. You are charged monthly based on how many miles you drive.

If Israel leads the world to energy independence (or at least dramatically reduced dependence), it will be the ultimate act of revenge. It will completely shift the power balance in the world in the favor of the West. Today was an inspiring day.

Now, I’m eating Domino’s in my Tel Aviv hotel (I know, I’m so American) and preparing to go out. Tomorrow we visit the so-called Apartheid Wall among other things. I’ll let you know how devilish, oppressive and racist the Zionist state is tomorrow.

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