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LA Times Lies About Dangers of Sharia Law and Islamists

Posted on August 9 2010 7:00 pm
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Is the LA Times not paying attention or lying?

The Ground Zero mosque debate continues to be a battleground of worldviews.  The Left has made it clear that the problem is not Islamists, but what they deem ‘Islamaphobia’.  Somehow the dangers of fearing radical Islam and Sharia law is worse than the violence and terror that comes from those things.

The LA Times has now put their two cents in by not only condemning conservative voices but going so far as to lie about the dangers of Sharia.

Doyle McManus of the LA Times wrote a careless article yesterday boldly titled “A Mosque Near Grand Zero: It’s the Wise Choice.”  His subtitle gives his ill-conceived argument:

There’s a civil war in Islam between moderates and radicals.  Barring the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York would only help the radicals.

McManus spends some time defending the Imam who wants to build the mosque at Ground Zero.  He claims Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is anti-terrorism and we all should therefore support the Imam.  McManus believes that a mosque at Ground Zero somehow means radical Islam loses, but if it isn’t built then Osama bin Laden wins.

If this mosque is blocked by popular prejudice or political demagoguery, that’s when Bin Laden will claim a second victory — in the shadow, as they say, of ground zero.- McManus

Let me get this straight.  The best way to defeat radical Islam’s goal of spreading Islamic dominance all over the west is by building a mosque where radical Muslims destroyed the twin towers?  Interesting concept.

Are McManus and the LA Times not aware that all over the world Muslims build mosques to show they have conquered something?  I have traveled in various parts of the Muslim world and this practice is seen all over. (For multiple examples go here.)

If a Christian church, Hindu temple, or other religious building is destroyed, Muslims love to build mosques on top of the exact spot.  The message is clear: we have defeated this religion or philosophy.  That is the message to the Muslim world with a mosque at Ground Zero.  You have indeed defeated western ideals.

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