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From the Interviews of David Horowitz: August 09, 2010

Posted on August 9 2010 6:45 am
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Chuck Baldwin: There’s no doubt that you shaped the culture.

In the book, I notice a picture of you with Ron Radosh and his daughter at Karl Marx’s tomb, High Gate Cemetery, London 1966. I take it that when that picture was taken you had quite an infatuation for Karl Marx.

David Horowitz: Oh yeah, I was a Marxist. And I describe in the book how when I was in London I was approached by the KGB. This agent took me to lunch and eventually asked me to spy for the Soviet Union. He put money in my pocket and so forth. I happened to reject his advances. I had more ambitious goals for myself which was I guess to be the new Marx or something like that. But I saw him talking to a lot of other people on the “left” whom I knew. And I know, not only from personal experience, but from talking to people that there were many, many, there must have been hundreds maybe thousands of contacts between “new leftist” and the KGB and the Cuban Intelligence and Vietnamese Communist. I am the only one who has reported these incidents that I know about in Radical Son. That’s why my book, I think, would be very valuable for conservatives. It’s a vindication. Of those of you who are listening to this who have spent 50 years fighting to defend America’s freedoms and got nothing but scorn for it will get a lot of pleasure out of Radical Son. Because it vindicates the struggle that you waged, which was a noble struggle and a patriotic one. And it’s just too bad that patriotism is held in such low esteem in the liberal dominated culture that we live in.

Chuck Baldwin, June 6 1997

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