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“The Other Guys” Channels All the Right Buddy Cop Clichés

Posted on August 9 2010 12:00 pm

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For a comedy (especially one that is a parody) it has some fairly impressive action sequences. Even though we understand each of these scenes is a spoof, they are all very well done. Generally action parodies are fairly stupid in their presentation (on purpose of course), but The Other Guys gives us that same angle while providing pretty cool action, fast editing, and great sound effects. It is easy to see that the filmmakers truly enjoy the films they are poking fun at. For an example of how NOT to spoof a genre, see the Scary Movie franchise.

Ferrell and Wahlberg are an unlikely pair, which is why the film succeeds. However, the more serious work that Wahlberg has done in the past sets him up perfectly for the film. His character, Terry, is the serious one and is always looking for the next bust. All Ferrell has to do is play off of that with his usual antics, and the end result is original enough for plenty of laughs. The supporting cast also gives the film some extra steam when needed. Watch for the hilarious Rob Riggle, Damon Wayans Jr. and the beautiful Eva Mendes.

After reading the early reviews and speculating about them, it was a relief to sit through The Other Guys without too much political preaching. Sure, the Ershon character was the typical “greedy capitalist” but I saw him more of a Bernie Madoff parody than any Right-wing attack. That being said, the end credits were a bit off-putting and didn’t fit the tone of the film (which was apolitical). Without dwelling on the credit sequence, let’s just say it might have well been put together by Oliver Stone.

If the McKay/Ferrell brand of humor is something you enjoy, this film certainly won’t disappoint. If not and you still like the buddy cop films of years past, this one might just win you over anyway. When the usual array of condescending anti-Ferrell reviews start rolling in, don’t mind them. The Other Guys delivers much more than a few laughs. After all, during a summer full of lackluster films, this is one you don’t want to miss!

[update: NRB contributor David Forsmark makes a great point. The end credits are even more ironic seeing that Ferrell reportedly makes 20 million a picture and stars in a film that complains about a CEO who makes 12].

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