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The Top 5 JournOlists and Their 3 ‘Big Media’ Conservative Apologists

Posted on August 8 2010 10:16 pm

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One of the summer’s most damning, revealing and under-covered stories has been the existence of a vast left-wing journalistic cabal, JournOlist, which attempted to direct and coordinate news coverage in support of Barack Obama’s election and enactment of his liberal agenda.

JournOlist was a secret online listserv founded in Feb. 2007 by journalist Ezra Klein (now a reporter with the Washington Post). Its existence became public knowledge on March 17, 2009, thanks to a widely read report by Politico. However, until very recently, the inner workings of this once-secret journalistic cabal were hidden from public view. Then, thanks to some entrepreneurial reporting by the Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong, JournOlist was exposed to the light of day.

The Caller’s expose has since rocked the journalistic world, because it seems to confirm the worst fears and suspicions of conservative media critics. To wit: that the most prominent and influential reporters are leftists who work in concert to deliberately slant the news so as to disparage conservatives and conservative ideas, while promoting liberals and liberal ideas.

Indeed, after the Daily Caller’s first investigative report was published on June 25, 2010, Klein immediately disbanded JournOlist. This because his friend and coconspirator, David Weigel, had been forced to resign from the Washington Post for making angry and vituperative comments (on JournOlist) about the Tea Party movement and Tea Party activists.

Weigel’s comments were a problem because he was charged with covering the “conservative beat,” which includes the Tea Party. Yet his comments showed that far from being a disinterested and dispassionate reporter, Weigel instead harbors a secret animus against the Tea Party activists.

By his own admission, Klein was “heartbroken” for his “dear friend” Weigel.

“Insofar as the current version of JournOlist has seen its archives become a weapon, and insofar as people’s careers are now at stake, it has to die,” Klein declared.

Yet perhaps not surprisingly, Weigel was the only JournOlist forced to resign. And even he subsequently was rewarded with a plumb reporter’s job at Slate magazine, which is owned by the Washington Post. Weigel also was given a coveted gig as an MSNBC contributor.

In short, the JournOlists and their journalistic enablers — who include some prominent conservative journalists — have circled the wagons to protect their own.

(Conservatives were banned from joining JournOlist, but some conservative journalists have taken to appeasing and protecting the JournOlists. These conservative journalists tend to be younger and professionally ambitious types who hope to benefit from their JournOlistic connections. They’ve adopted a policy of appeasement toward the JournOlists because they think this suits their professional interests.)

In any case, as the Daily Caller reports,

… Journolist’s members included dozens of straight-news reporters from major news organizations, including: Time, Newsweek, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, PBS and a large NPR affiliate in California.

These JournOlists continue to work — covertly, behind the scenes and without any real public scrutiny — to subvert the news for expressly partisan political purposes. Indeed, a code of omerta seems to be in force, with very few journalists asking, and fewer still telling, of their secret involvement in JournOlist.

It is, however, important that we know who these JournOlists are and what role they still play in the media. This is especially important because, as Klein himself readily admits, JournOlist likely will live on.

“I have no doubt that someone else will reform it, with many of the same members, and keep it going,” he writes.

But as the late great Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis has observed, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” And so we must continue to expose JournOlist and the JournOlists.

With this in mind, Radio talk show host Mark Levin has published, on his Facebook page, a list of 65 known JournOlists. But this cabal has some 400 “made members,” most of them journalists, with a splattering of policy activists and academics.

We don’t have room to chronicle, in one article, all 65 known members, let alone all 400 “made members.” Herewith, then, the Top Five JournOlists and their three “Big Media” Conservative Apologists. Note: unless otherwise indicated, all of the information about these JournOlists comes from the Daily Caller’s path-breaking reporting.

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