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Fighting Evil Together: 5 Reasons Libertarians, Neo-Cons, and Objectivists Stand with Social Conservatives

Posted on August 7 2010 8:00 am
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here

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I need to lay my cards on the table right from the outset: I’ve never been a fan of conservative news site World Net Daily.

Even when I shifted to the Right aspects of WND still got under my skin — particularly the publication’s promotion of the “Obama eligibility issue” and the rather extreme anti-homosexual views (supporting Uganda’s legislation to execute gays?) of some contributors.

So I didn’t know what to expect when meeting David Kupelian, WND‘s managing editor at the American Freedom Alliance’s “Is the (Real) News Dead?” conference a few weeks ago.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Throughout the conference David and I got to talk several times about writing and online journalism and I found him to be friendly and personable. We compared notes on writing styles and he gave suggestions, explaining how he wrote his books. I observed one of the key differences in our approaches: he was more of a traditional journalist and favored long, expansive columns whereas I’d cut my teeth in the blogosphere and tended to write in brief bites or packaged blog posts (like the one you’re reading right now.)

I was particularly impressed, though, by David’s contributions on several panels. His explanation of the pathology of the Left, his defense of Israel, and especially his analysis of evil really resonated with me. So I was eager to dig deeper into David’s thinking with his new book that came out this Spring, How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces that are Transforming America.

Reading David’s book was an interesting meeting of the minds. We come from very different places yet arrive at strikingly similar conclusions. He’s a socially conservative Christian, and I’m a Neo-Con Warmonger who retains countercultural, agnostic, and mystical tendencies. Yet on perhaps 80% of political issues and philosophical points we’re functionally the same. Why is that?

In exploring the themes of David’s book — and in recommending it, notably to those who might not otherwise consider picking up a book by the editor of WND — now seemed like a good time to break down this often seemingly mysterious concept. Why is it that social conservatives can join together with free market libertarians, atheist-minded Objectivists, and defense-centric hawks? (This really isn’t as hard as it might seem.)

I’ll break this down into 5 points:

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