Michael van der Galien

The Art of Political War

Posted on August 6 2010 12:00 pm
Michael van der Galien was born in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden in 1984. For as long as he can remember, he has been obsessed with the United States. When he was 17 years old, he started blogging - of course about America. His articles have been published at Big Hollywood, Pajamas Media, Hot Air (the GreenRoom) and Right Across The Atlantic. He's also an editor for the Dutch conservative blog, De Dagelijkse Standaard.
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After our managing editor and my good friend, David Swindle, published a post about Shirley Sherrod and the art of political war, I decided to finally read the DHFC’s pamphlet The Art of Political War for Tea Parties. I say “finally,” because I told myself to read it for a month or so by now, but just couldn’t find the time to actually do so. After reminding myself earlier today that we’ve all got 24 hours in a day, and that nobody “has” time for this or that, but that you have to make it, I started reading.

And boy, am I happy I did! I feel fired up, and ready to go! These strategies should not just be used by members of the Tea Party, but by every other conservative, libertarian and classical liberal as well. If you’re politically active, you have to use the strategies outlined by David Horowitz. If you don’t, all your well intentioned efforts will be in vain – it’s that simple.

Here are the principles of political war that the Left understands but conservatives do not in a nutshell:

1. Politics is war conducted by other means
2. Politics is a war of position
3. In political wars the aggressor usually prevails
4. Position is defined by fear and hope
5. The weapons of politics are symbols evoking fear and
6. Victory lies on the side of the people

These six principles are further explained in the pamphlet.

These tactics have been deployed by the Left for ages. If we want to defeat the progressive agenda, we’d better use them as well. We may not like it – after all, most of us are quite polite and proud of it, which is the major characteristic preventing conservatives from permanently defeating leftists – but politics is war. The sooner we realize this act accordingly, the better.

I’m currently making a study of the original The Art of War (by Sun Tzu), and this pamphlet is a tremendous modern political addition to it. Combined, they provide us (conservatives) with the ultimate strategy to finally bring down our ideological enemies.

If you don’t own a copy yet of both The Art of Political War for Tea Parties and The Art of War order them both today – and be sure to order a couple for your friends, relatives and conservative acquaintances as well.

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