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I Like Ann Coulter, Ergo I Hate Myself

Posted on August 6 2010 8:00 pm
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.

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What the Left hates: Happy conservative minorities who don't need their tyrannical support

Thank God there’s Judy McGuire, a blogger for The Seattle Weekly, to tell me how I feel about myself, because batting for the “other team” means towing the Leftist gay agenda at every possible moment.

Today, Ms. McGuire writes in her blog at The Weekly:

Ann Coulter is the human equivalent of a weeping, pus-filled sore  located deep in the diseased rectum of Adolf Hitler’s rotting corpse. Her cackling, hate-filled pratter has targeted everyone from widows of people killed during the World Trade Center attacks to Muslims to Canadians to “faggots.” So wasn’t I gobsmacked to see during my daily perusal of Joe. My. God. that this she-beast will be appearing at the HomoCon. Or as Joe. My. God. dubbed it, the “National Convention of Self-Loathing Homosexuals.”

The conference is sponsored by a group called, GOProud, an organization representing ‘gay conservatives and their allies.’

Isn’t McGuire charming? The very epitome of Leftist tolerance.

Coulter is a speaker at this year’s HomoCon, an event for gay conservatives sponsored by GOProud.

McGuire – and Joe. My. God., for that matter – can’t understand how anyone could disagree with a political point of view that doesn’t put one’s minority status ahead of trivial issues such as the Bill of Rights or self-actualization.

In a society where all civil rights descend from a God-like President, there’s no place for a different worldview. No place to speak one’s mind. Unless one’s mind is controlled by one’s minority status and the associated, politically correct, agenda. This is the world of Leftist homosexuals, who decry people like Coulter, but proudly vote for the party of Fred Phelps, Senator Robert Byrd and George Wallace.

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