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700 Pieces of Silver for Kathleen Parker

Posted on August 6 2010 3:00 pm
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I would have so much more respect for Kathleen Parker who has agreed to co-anchor at CNN with world-class slimeball Eliot Spitzer if she would just admit she is doing it for the $700,000 CNN is paying her. (Client # 9 is only getting $400,000.) But trying to whitewash and rationalize Spitzer’s sins in a self-serving column in the Washington Post is beyond the pale.

Parker writes that she “researched Spitzer’s record thoroughly” and that his transgressions were “between he and his family”. This promulgates the myth that seeing prostitutes was Spitzer’s only sin and betrayal of the public trust, a myth pushed by twin propagandists Alex Gibney and Peter Elkind in their fictional film and book meant to whitewash the steamroller.

How could any account of Spitzer fail to mention Democrat Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s scathing report on Spitzer’s role in using the State Police to spy on his political enemies despite the fact that Spitzer as governor refused to give Cuomo subpoena power to probe the matter? In his film, Gibney even uses an actress to play an anonymous hooker who denies Spitzer’s black sock fetish – a total Hollywood contrivance.

Parker could not have researched the Spitzer record because she would know of his many violations of law including perjury over the illegal funding of his first two campaigns for Attorney general, the illegal financing of these campaigns by his father and his repeated on-the-record lies about it to the New York Times and New York Daily News, his record of blackmail on Wall Street, his abuse of power as governor where he used the State Police, Gestapo-like to spy and fabricate documents to attack his political enemies – a taxpayer expense. His State Police Superintendent was forced to resign over his improper carrying out of Spitzer’s orders.

Spitzer pushed and passed tougher penalties for johns of prostitutes while he himself was using at least five escort services in New York. He violated federal money laundering laws and the Mann Act which prohibits transporting a prostitute across state lines- which a New York Supreme Court Justice was convicted of in 2009 he took a call girl to Kentucky to service he and his pals at a fraternal organization meeting one weekend. Why not Spitzer?

Parker is a facilitator. She is being paid to sit there while Spitzer talks about the lack of honesty on Wall Street and in government when he is himself a privileged law-breaker and a serial abuser of women, if reports of his violent side are accurate as I believe they are. Spitzer can speak with moral authority about nothing. Parker should just admit she sold out for the dough.

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