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Jihadis Demand More Tribute From Japan – Can Washington Be Trusted To Help?

Posted on August 5 2010 12:00 pm

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Japan can either hang in with the US, which only recently castrated the F22 Raptor program and left Japan stranded with its aging fighter jet fleet, unassisted against North Korean military theatrics. Japan may start developing some reallignment strategy to beef up relations with China, in the hope that China is more farsighted, disciplined, and less suicidal and frivolous than the US. Or Japan may try to negotiate its own independent path through the jihad, probably at the expense of large, barely affordable and probably futile payments of tribute to various Mohammedan sovereigns.

Obama’s, and Washington’s peculiar sympathies and inhibitions are noticed, wondered and worried about on the other side of the globe — at least at a daily conversation / working guy / street level. The east asian press, like our own, hides what everybody privately knows and talks about. But many are asking whether Washington can be trusted to help protect its trading partners in east asia. And if not, what to do.

The Japanese are inveterate long range planners, much in keeping with their east asian cultural heritage. They will, for the moment at least, wait and see if America succeeds in unburdening itself of Obama’s insane approach to geo-political affairs. But let there be no doubt that wise heads in Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei are watching closely and wondering about their next best move.

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