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Pro-Israel Left Illusions on Daily Kos

Posted on August 3 2010 10:00 pm
Mike Lumish is a teacher, a recent PhD in American History, a resident of San Francisco, a liberal, and until recently a Democrat, who is thoroughly disgusted with the anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred promoted by the Left... He also tends to smoke too much.

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Believe it or not, Israel does have some support on Daily Kos.  (Shocking!  I know!) As hard as it might be to believe, not everyone who writes on the Israel-Arab conflict at The Great Orange Satan is hostile to Israel.   Among the pro-Israel Left, however, there are some (such as Meretz / Peace Now / J-Street supporters) who usually place virtually the entire responsibility for making concessions on the Israelis.  There are those (such as myself) who tend to place most of the responsibility for the failure of the peace-process on the Palestinians. And there are those who place responsibility for the failure of the peace-process, and the need for further concessions, on both sides in a more or less equal fashion.

The mistake that those who place virtually the entire responsibility for making concessions on the Israeli side makes, aside from wasting their time arguing with malicious anti-Zionists, is two-fold.  The first is in believing that if only Israel would leap through this or that hoop, then the Palestinians would make peace.  The second is in believing that the status quo is untenable.

The truth of the matter is that the Palestinians can end the “occupation” anytime they wish.  All they need to do is agree to a negotiated settlement along the lines of the Clinton Parameters.  The Clinton Parameters of 2000, which Israel agreed to, offered the Palestinians 100 percent of the Gaza, nearly 100 percent of the West Bank with land swaps, and the Arab section of eastern Jerusalem as a capital.  That was the deal that both Arafat (in 2000) and Abbas (in 2008) refused and this, along with the fact that the Palestinians also refused the Peel Commission report in 1937 and UN 181, the 1948 partition plan, is why I no longer believe the onus is on Israel, but on the Palestinians.  They claim to want a state, yet refuse every offer of statehood.

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