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Democrats Fear Obama Might Ruin November Elections

Posted on August 3 2010 5:00 pm
A life-long conservative Reagan Girl and conservative feminist, Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT. Lisa is a staunch, unapologetic, Christian supporter and defender of Israel, who considers herself a spiritual Jew. Lisa resides in CT with her family and assortment of rescued pets.
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The Obama rock star status has finally had a meltdown.  Barry is not looked upon as Jesus anymore, and Michelle, once considered the new Jackie Kennedy, is no longer viable when it comes to helping her husband garner election votes.  Once the greatest “hope” for Democrats, the Democrat Party would prefer the President and First Lady lay low and keep out of the campaign spotlight for fear their very presence may destroy November’s elections.

Democrats are running away from Obama!

Two years-ago, the Obamas were today’s Kennedys, their presence was magic, when they entered a room, people became frenzied with excitement, when Obama spoke people fainted.  Now the Messiah’s power to invoke life into the Democrat Party has waned so fast, he is being rejected by Dems, who feel he crucified them.

Obama has become the Democrats’ new Jimmy Carter: a nuisance.

Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times reports that Obama told a round table of Democrat House members “You may not even want me to come to your district” during your campaigns, stating he will stay away and focus on fundraisers instead of personal state-to-state appearances.

It took Bill Clinton eight years to ruin Al Gore’s life, Obama managed to wreck Nancy Pelosi’s and an entire party’s chances for reelection within a year of his inauguration.

Zeleny says:

That line of [campaign] thinking [toward Obama] is largely shared inside the West Wing, where advisers are trying to determine the balance between using Mr. Obama to inspire voters and keeping him from becoming a defining negative presence.  Already, Mr. Obama is popping up more as a target in Republican campaign advertisements than as a positive presence in Democratic ones…

It appears the Democrats want a change from Obama.

Zeleny further noted:

The White House responded to complaints that the president had been bashing Washington— Democrats included—rather than framing the election as a path to avoid returning to Republican policies from the Bush era, not a referendum on the Obama administration.

He’s barely spent any time in Washington, he’s so busy bashing golf balls.

New York Daily News writer Aliyah Shahid says Obama’s popularity is so low, if this coming November were the 2012 presidential elections; Obama would lose to “any Republican candidate” on the ballet, further saying “Americans would rather vote for an unnamed Republican than vote for Obama.”

The polls agree with the Times and Daily News reports.  The latest Quinnipiac University poll states that if the upcoming November elections were the presidential election, Obama would lose “by a 39% margin” due to a “48% disapproval rating.”

Two years-ago, Obama was considered infallible; he was the greatest “hope” to Democrats since JFK, he graced magazine covers as the Savior, he was the Messiah, Barry and Michelle were Jack and Jackie, now Obama is considered a negative hindrance Democrats don’t want on their November 2010 campaigns.

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