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Children Under Sharia Law Part 1: Foreign Girl Raped in UAE Could Face 80 lashes or stoning.

Posted on August 3 2010 11:00 am
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"I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of the stones, of the pain." - Soraya M.

Sharia law has become a very popular discussion in media and academic circles.  Somehow many journalists are trying to ignore any problems with Sharia and look to only focus on what they label “Islamophobia.”  This past few days there have been countless stories on people wanting to burn the Koran and the Washington Post even called “the fear of Islam” the new McCarthyism and inferred that Sharia law is a false threat.  The stories make you wonder: what’s so bad about Sharia anyway?

Let me offer a recent example of the terror of Sharia law.  I’m sure you have not heard about it, because I’ve only been able to find two new agencies (both English language papers out of UAE)  that have covered the incident (Gulf News and The National).

A few days ago a court case came to the Sharia law court in Dubai.  It seems back in April of this year, a 14 year old Brazilian girl was living in Abu Dhabi with her parents.  While her parents went away to Dubai, a Pakistani-born bus driver in his mid to late twenties came to the young girl’s flat and had sex with her.  The girl initially said that the man raped her by force.  Her father called police and brought charges against the man.

The accused rapist claimed that he was seduced by the 14 year old and therefore it was consensual sex.  When all was said and done both people were arrested.  You heard me correctly, the 14 year old girl was arrested after reporting rape.  Why?  Because the courts said the girl must have welcomed the bus driver in to her apartment, so she wasn’t raped by force.  According to Sharia law, anyone who has reached puberty must be tried as an adult.  Therefore the young teen is an adult and fornication is a crime punishable by close to 100 lashes to the back or even being stoned to death.

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