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NewsReal Sunday: Florida “Church” to Burn Koran on 9-11 and the Left Loves It!

Posted on August 1 2010 8:00 am
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Pastor says, "Islam is of the devil."

What would really help the Left and the media win the debate for a Sharia law supporting mosque at Ground Zero?  Oh, I know, lots of stories on some so-called “church” burning Korans on the 9th anniversary of 9-11.  Why cover Islamic Jihadists killing Christians all over the world when you can cherry pick a story on Christian Islamophobia?

A Gainesville, Florida group calling themselves Dove World Outreach Center has announced that on 9-11 they will host an international day of burning Korans.  Their pastor, Terry Jones, has made it the organization’s mission to promote the message that “Islam is of the devil.”  Jones has written a book on the topic (which is promoted heavily on the “church” website).  He also has a big sign up on their property and has children of the church helping to sell “Islam is of the devil” t-shirts.

Jones and the Dove Center are obviously kooks.  They claim they are a non-denominational church, and it is clear they do not represent anyone outside of their small group.  They are similar to Westboro Baptist Church with their “God Hates Fags” signs.  Westboro is basically one large family of nuts that gets overly reported on by the media to assist in the culture war over gay marriage.  As most folks in the media know, when you make someone a victim they get more public support.  So what Westboro has been to gay marriage, some in the leftist media are now looking to use the Dove Center and Terry Jones to support Islamists in our country.

Watch the pointless interview by Rick “Smarmy” Sanchez on CNN with ‘Pastor’ Terry Jones.  He gave a whole segment to this idiot Jones just so he could tell him how crazy he is.

Jones: “What we are saying with the burning of the Koran…What is not welcome is Islamic law, the brutality of Islamic law, that is what is not welcome.”

Sanchez: “How would you feel if a Muslim said to you what you just said to them…you’re welcome in my country, but you’re burning my Bible.”

You see, CNN is showing that to be against Sharia law supporters is to be in the same camp as Koran book burners.  Not one other church organization or denomination is supporting this Koran burning day (in fact, the National Association of Evangelicals has spoken vehemently against it), but somehow this is an issue that needs national attention.

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