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Who Does The Left Hate More Than Breitbart and Fox?

Posted on July 31 2010 11:00 am
I live in Illinois, which is like living in a gulag for conservatives. A little over a year ago, I confronted CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, for unfairly reporting the Chicago Tea Party protest. I continue to detest the corrupt media.
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Black Conservatives Running For Office

Cedra Crenshaw of Bolingbrook, IL just wanted the best education possible for her children.  She started looking into her local school district and found that the majority of the education dollars were going to salaries and benefits for teachers and administrators, instead of students. Yet the schools were financially hurting. She kept hoping that someone would run for office and correct the situation, but no one came forward in her largely Democrat district to cut spending.

So Crenshaw decided to run for office herself.  Her accounting background and experience as an auditor was just what her district needed. What she encountered was typical Democrat machine politics in Illinois, down and dirty. Crenshaw should have known it would not be easy. She is, after all, a black conservative in the Democrat gulag of Illinois.

It is no surprise that the most blatant racism in America is against black conservatives, and that it comes from the Left.  How dare any minority join the Republican Party, or the Tea Party, or conservatism in general?  They will pay dearly for their independence and rejection of the left’s victimization narrative.  It will take perseverance and courage for conservative minorities to overcome the racism they will experience from the left.  Yet they are running for office in larger numbers than ever before. Ironically, the election of Barack Obama has probably influenced black conservatives to run for office more than anything. They are joining the ranks of the Tea Party and working to influence the national conversation.  The question is will the Democrat Party and leftist organizations like the NAACP continue to destroy their efforts?  It looks like the enemies of the left aren’t just Andrew Breitbart and Fox News, but any conservative minority who decides to expose the failures of the left.

Republican Cedra Crenshaw ( is on the ballot for the State Senate in Illinois’ 43rd district.  But the Democrats almost got her kicked off the ballot, because that’s what Democrats do in Illinois to get rid of their opponents.  Barack Obama did it over and over again in his elections prior to his presidential run.  The hope is that they can force their opponents to spend money needlessly on a defense of bogus charges, and get them kicked off the ballot at the same time. When Crenshaw’s Democratic opponent challenged her petition signatures in court, she knew she had to fight. Her signatures were valid, and she followed the rules exactly.  The judge found no irregularities whatsoever, and Crenshaw prevailed in her bid to remain on the ballot. Now the hard part begins for her.  She will have to have lawyers watching the election very closely to make sure votes are not stolen from her, because that’s what happens to conservatives here in Illinois.

Her candidacy brings to mind another issue, which is how the Left continues to demean conservative minorities, hoping to make life so miserable for them that they will retreat into obscurity and give up their aspirations. Does that tactic sound familiar? It should, because that is a tactic used against minorities in general by racists everywhere. Progressive black leaders in our society only want respect and opportunity for progressive minorities, and they will do whatever it takes to crush the aspirations of conservative minorities.

Will the Left sabotage Crenshaw’s candidacy, malign her character, and hurl racist attacks against her? They have done so to other conservative minorities, calling them Uncle Tom, traitors, and worse. We have seen racist attacks against Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Ward Connerly, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, and other black conservatives.  Shelby Steele calls them the “unprotected class.” The Left has done everything in its power to elevate victimization amongst minorities instead of elevating accomplishment and success. That is how they keep their power. But Crenshaw knows better, and she will make her mark regardless of what happens in the upcoming election.

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