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State Dept Sends CAIR Director Overseas – America’s New Face

Posted on July 31 2010 5:00 pm
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America's New Face?

The Detroit News reports that Obama’s State Department underwrote a trip to Mali for CAIR-Michigan’s executive director Dawud Walid. One can only suppose that the regime is upgrading its programs of Mohammedan outreach to jihadist outreach.

This is your second trip to Mali? What program are you participating in there?

This is my second time participating in a delegation organized by Michigan State University, which aims to build religious and cultural ties between American religious and civic leaders with Malian counterparts. The program is underwritten by the U.S. State Department.

Why CAIR, famously an unindicted co-conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation terrorist support case, and equally famously a pro jihad organization? To what purpose did State send a CAIR officer, of all people, to represent America to the people of Mali? We are told:

At the conference, I spoke about the state of interfaith cooperation in America. I stated that Muslims in America have many challenges from Islamophobia to unjust government policies that profile us. However, we have interfaith partners that stand in solidarity for fairness and justice with Muslims and that this is an American tradition. I also mentioned the shooting of Imam Luqman and discussed the case with some leaders.

Ah! Now there is something useful that anybody can appreciate. He was sent to Mali by the State Department to whine about “islamophobia” and racial profiling. This will undoubtedly fill the people of Mali with respect and admiration for our justice and power. More sinister however is the matter of Imam Luqman.

Mr. Luqman, you may recall was killed by the FBI in Dearborn, MI. Even the anything but conservative ABC news reported at the time that:

FBI agents hoping to break up an alleged interstate crime ring dealing in arson, fraud and possibly stolen vehicles, ended up in a gunfight at a Detroit-area warehouse, after which a suspect lay dead.

The FBI sought to arrest Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a.k.a. Christopher Thomas, 53, who a criminal complaint said was the imam of a radical fundamentalist Sunni group called Masjid Al-Haqq that seeks to establish a sovereign Islamic state inside the United States.

Why was Mr. Walid discussing Luqman with the Malians? We are not told. What we know is that there has been much agitation among persons of anti-American and pro-jihad sentiments here in the US over the matter. There have even been calls for the Obama Justice Department — the intrepid Mr. Holder of terrorist-trials-in-NY fame — to investigate the FBI.

Did the Malians even know about this thug? How?

For most of us, Luqman was a forgotten criminal and an item of old news. But apparently not for some. So we are left to wonder, was Mr. Walid explaining to the Malians how Luqman was really a wolf in sheep’s clothing and offering him as an example of the wisdom of American justice? Or was he commiserating with jihadi sympathizers over the loss of another “martyr”?

Whatever the case, the choice of CAIR to represent America to Mali is clearly part of Obama’s denigrate America approach to foreign relations.

It is also, unfortunately for America, yet another indication of Mr. Obama’s priorities and sympathies.

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