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Chevy Volt Price Tag Announced, Relentless Mockery Ensues

Posted on July 31 2010 4:00 pm
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On Tuesday, GM (also known as Government Motors) unveiled the $41,000 sticker price of the new hybrid vehicle, the Chevy Volt, prompting Charles Krauthammer to remark:

The only people who are going to buy it are going to be very rich people who are going to park it outside their townhouse for ostentatious show of how virtuous they are while they drive around in their Cadillac Escalade.

More mockery of the Chevy Volt erupted on Twitter, where the #ChevyVoltSlogans hashtag dominated time lines for several hours.  Here are a few of the best suggested slogans for the Chevy Volt:

snarkandboobs: Volt: It’s not a hybrid, it’s a mongrel! #ChevyVoltSlogans #postracialVolt

iowahawkblog: #ChevyVoltSlogans Electrons Have Consequences

chrisbarnhart: The Car of Tomorrow (which, incidentally, is when you will get home from work) #ChevyVoltSlogans

MattCover: #chevyvoltslogans: took my chevy to the levy and the battery died

TexBork: #ChevyVoltslogans The Chevy Volt. Obama’s next reason to go around the world apologizing.

cprater: It’s like a Segway with a roof. #chevyvoltslogans

Armyfool1: Volt: Because sometimes Golf carts seem pretentous #ChevyVoltSlogans

What slogan would you suggest for the Chevy Volt?

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