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What Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Get

Posted on July 30 2010 12:00 pm
Genevieve Kineke is an associate editor of Catholic Exchange and blogs at
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Don’t get me wrong—Rush rocks. He’s the voice of sanity and stability amidst the political and cultural chaos brewing these days. But he’s back on a theme this week that makes me throw things at the radio as he tries to get to the root of why leftists hate this country. It’s not that anything he says on the subject is wrong, it’s that he always stops short of the fundamental cause.

I connected the dots for the first time last summer when he was consoling a distraught caller who discovered for the first time that there were actually fellow Americans who don’t prioritize their own country’s well-being. In fact, they consistently choose to act in ways that deliberately undermine their own nation and its myriad interests. This woman was literally crying, and he seemed to give her more time to wail over this revelation than was usual for a disciplined host when she sobbed, “Where is their patriotism?”

Though dedicated at the time to some critical housekeeping chore, I stopped short. That was it! Everything clicked, blazing a path through the jumbled web of confusion in my mind concerning what strange bedfellows were perpetually found canoodling on the left. Patriarchy is the common enemy.

At the risk of wandering into Freudian territory, I submit that it’s all of a piece and it ultimately has to do with one’s view of fatherhood. This is why feminists can kumbaya with Islamists, and peace-niks (nay, Wiki-treason artists) can join in the group hug with feminists (who are pushing women into combat). This also explains the near-deranged reactions to strong men like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush—who elicited frothy diatribes instead of rational arguments. Those two in particular pushed every father-phobic button on the Left, and made David Horowitz’s work as critic akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

Love of country—patriotism—is founded on a healthy respect for patriarchy, which shares the obvious etymological root. And this is at the core of the curious panorama of crazies on the fringe, shaking their coup sticks at the founding fathers, at those who support traditional marriage, and at any patriot who sees the military as a natural extension of the fatherly mission to defend his home turf.

Nota bene: this is in no way meant to denigrate the myriad talents of women nor to suggest in any way that they shouldn’t contribute their essential gifts to the body politic—we need them all. The fact, though, that strong conservative women peacefully collaborate with strong conservative men only further illustrates my premise that a woman’s view of fatherhood will direct her critical thinking on a host of issues. (And it is also at the root of why the deranged left still goes postal over Sarah Palin.)

So back to the broader point—this is the prevailing undercurrent to the thrill over metrosexualism, what drives the love affair with gender-identity disorders and (perplexingly) why many cheerfully make room for the multicultural exhibits of “manhood gone mad.” The latter case is slightly different in that it requires a two-part strategy in which the strength of the misogynist male wears down the responsible and reasonable male (the bloodying stage) and then will later be propped up as “the problem with testosterone” (the castration stage). This explains why so many tyrants around the world meet their criteria and receive fawning accolades at every turn.

This is where the ultimate danger lies. In this clever but over-reaching strategy—where the We Hate Daddy crowd eggs on the bullies who will give the Man of the House a good drubbing, they may not survive to execute the second phase. It is entirely possible that the collective domicile that paterfamilias is trying so valiantly to defend will be torched in the process, and the snot-nosed “kids” will then be given a licking from which they cannot recover.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. If we could just ponder our need for fatherhood, think about ways to foster it, and stand up to defend good old patriotism whenever necessary, then we can call them out on their dysfunctional drive to destroy America in order to teach Pop a lesson.

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