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Another Memorial To Jihad?

Posted on July 30 2010 5:00 pm
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Not content with making Ground Zero a symbol of Islamic triumphalism with a 13-15 story Cordoba House mosque, plans are in the works to memorialize the sacred ground of the crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.

For a memorial, I can imagine something with park benches, maybe a reflecting pool, the names of the victims carved in shiny stone. Too mundane? Well, the Heinz Foundation–yes that Heinz–funded the design competition to come up with something that would reflect the grief and pride of Americans: A red Islamic crescent design symbolizing the features of a mosque.


The Crescent (or Bowl) of Embrace, as it’s called, I’m guessing is so named in an effort to sound comforting. Um, it’s not working. It was, after all, militant Islamic jihadists who caused the plane to crash in the first place. So why are the main features of the memorial so closely linked to Islamic symbols?

Cordoba, Spain

Alec Rawls, author of a book about the Flight 93 memorial, Crescent of Betrayal, says “A crescent that Muslims face into is called a mihrab. It’s the central feature on which every mosque is built.” And it’s always oriented toward Mecca. So a visitor to the Crescent would be facing Mecca while remembering the victims of Flight 93?? But that’s a coincidence surely.

Not so much if you do the math. Based on coordinates for the direction of the qibla, the Crescent/Bowl points the visitor toward Mecca. Hmm, there was only a one in three hundred and sixty chance that it could be oriented this way. What are the odds that it was on purpose? I’m thinking a hundred percent.

And let’s not forget a red crescent is the symbol of the Islamic flag. Red maple trees will be used to form the crescent. A glass wall marked with the date of the attack is positioned exactly where the red star would be. The Islamic star can represent the five pillars of Islam or Muslims. So Islam will dominate the spot where 40 Americans lost their lives.

The design shows that the 44 individual victims will be memorialized by blocks of glass. Wait a minute, there were 40 passengers and crew on the plane. Who are the other 4? The terrorists. Is that why Hitler is memorialized as one of the victims of Auschwitz. Oh that’s right. He isn’t!

The 93 ft wind chime ‘Tower of Voices’ is patterned after a minaret, topped by a crescent shape. A minaret is the tower used to call Muslims to prayer. Coincidence that the chimes are called voices?

A sundial is set up to coordinates to cast a shadow at the tree line at the time of Muslim evening prayers. Excuse me if I sound like Seth Meyers, but really?

In fact, Rawls said the memorial contains all 12 prominent features found in mosques. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or a conspiracy theory of an Islamophobic-fevered mind. If there were just one feature, maybe two, I could dismiss the Islamic theme in this memorial. But every major feature? Based on the the facts, I’m thinking what is supposed to be a solemn place of remembrance for the victims of 9/11 is just another form of jihad.
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