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What Caused the Tanker Explosion in the Strait of Hormuz? Oliver Stone Probably Thinks The Jews.

Posted on July 29 2010 10:00 am
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The speculation is well under-way about what caused the explosion that damaged a Japanese tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. The strategic seaway has been threatened by Al-Qaeda and Iran has threatened to close it if attacked, although doing so would quickly bankrupt the regime.

The possibility that the explosion was an attack is being considered and the company does say they believe the blast came from outside the ship. It is very interesting that Iran very quickly dismissed any notion it was a terrorist attack and already found the cause: a rogue wave. The Iranians sound pretty guilty by rushing so quickly to a conclusion. And in the coming days, if it is found to be a terrorist attack, the Iranians will either have to say they were wrong (doubtful) or accuse the Zionist-Imperialist alliance of trying to find excuses to be warmongers.

This incident is in many ways great for the regime. The regime needs high oil prices, and this may be the trick. It isn’t a big enough incident to provoke major Western action and it’s a reminder that if terrorists can attack these tankers, then it’s a piece of cake for the Iranians. It’s a pretty good deal for Iran, whether they are behind the attack or not.

Al-Qaeda has also threatened to attack vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. It’s possible that they are responsible (possibly with Iranian assistance so the regime can hide their tracks) and their motive is obvious. The fact that the explosion wasn’t huge actually fits the modus operandi of Al-Qaeda, as the clumsy Times Square and Christmas Day underwear bomb plots shows.

Another fact to consider is that this was a Japanese tanker. Al-Qaeda threatened Japan for having soldiers in Iraq, but they weren’t involved in combat and they have since left. The terrorist group really has no reason to specifically target a Japanese tanker unless they just were choosing a tanker at random.

On the other hand, Japan did support sanctions on Iran but again, of all the countries that supported the sanctions, why target Japan? Especially when Japan just said they’d help Iran build earthquake-proof nuclear power plants.

I’ll update my analysis as more information comes in.

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