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Sherrod Hints At Obama Being An Uncle Tom

Posted on July 29 2010 4:15 pm
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I didn’t interject the phrase Uncle Tom into this discussion. Shirley Sherrod’s husband and partner of decades, Charles Sherrod did. Now, Sherrod believes Obama needs a history lesson on black America. In many ways, Obama’s background is more that of a white liberal, than a black man from the South. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest the Sherrods don’t really see Obama as one of them – in essence, more a white man’s black man, or Uncle Tom, than anything else.

She also seems to be taking her sweet old time pondering the new job offer from the administration. And while claiming to be suing Breitbart, she now says she’s not interested in an apology – not that I believe one would be forthcoming.

If she’s not careful, Sherrod is going to soon begin looking like someone enjoying this a little too much, while wanting much, but incapable of being satisfied even if she comes away with anything that might be thought of as reasonable. What, besides her job back, her recent too hasty canonization by the press, and her current media tour is Shirley Sherrod actually entitled to in the end? Some people feel so aggrieved as to never really become contented. I wonder if Shirley Sherrod isn’t just such a person.

And, yes, she said meant to suggest that President Obama was in need of a history lesson.

“I need to have him down there so I can take him around and show him some of that history,” she said of President Obama, reiterating her offer to give him a personal tour through Georgia and help explain remarks that were taken out of context by a conservative blogger and that led to her firing.

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