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Shed no tears for corruptocrat Charlie Rangel

Posted on July 29 2010 11:13 am
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by Michelle Malkin

Much more coming today as the House ethics committee prepares to release its treasure trove of charges against corruptocrat Charlie Rangel, but I had to call your attention immediately to this maudlin, sycophantic paean to Rangel from WaPo’s Dana Milbank. It’s titled “Charlie Rangel: Fallling with Grace.” (“Grace?!” Guess he missed this and this.)

Get out your airsickness bag:

The moment Charlie Rangel walked into the ballroom for a luncheon with the National Urban League on Wednesday, he was surrounded by reporters and cameras.

Politely, as ever, Rangel declined to answer questions, until Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal asked, “How are you feeling, sir?”

The embattled lawmaker flashed a million-dollar smile and tucked his thumbs in his lapels. “How do I look?” he replied.

Rangel looked great: The 80-year-old Democratic congressman from New York had a rose-colored handkerchief in his pocket and a pink necktie over a gold collar bar and a textured two-tone shirt, all brought together by a black pinstriped suit that accented his silver hair and mustache. But beneath that dapper exterior was a man in turmoil, a politician who had mere hours to choose between two grim options.

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