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Jon Stewart Makes Charlie Rangel Wet Himself

Posted on July 29 2010 4:00 pm
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Jon Stewart covered three cases of unethical behavior by Democratic politicians that are in the news right now: Senator John Kerry parking his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid taxes; Charlie Rangel’s many ethics violations and attitude of entitlement in refusing to answer a young reporter’s tough question; and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whose attorney is using the “my client is an idiot” defense.

Three high-profile scandals at once isn’t good news for Democrats who are worried about the November elections. Lately, there’s been some good news for the Democrats. Harry Reid has bounced back in Nevada and Carly Fiorina can’t seem to catch Barbara Boxer. Russ Feingold and Patty Murray are maintaining small but steady leads. The races in Illinois and Ohio are very close as well. The overall anger at incumbency and these latest corruption charges, though, could easily cause last-minute undecided voters to break hard towards Republicans.

Watch the segment below, which includes Stewart making Rangel wet himself:

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In 2006, when the tide was against the GOP (and frankly, probably more so than it is against the DNC today) there were two clinchers that led to a huge defeat: Lack of base support and corruption. These ethical scandals mean the Democrats have stepped into the Republicans’ 2006 shoes. The Democrats do seem to have more base support today than the GOP did in 2006, though. However, enthusiasm is definitely not where the DNC would like it to be as the average Democrat might not donate or work as hard believing defeat is inevitable.

Many feel that the Democrats haven’t acted aggressively enough in pursuing their agenda and that the Obama Administration is Bush-Lite, especially when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. Once all of the troops in the surge arrive and the strategy is implemented, casualties will initially spike and that will energize those opposing the war and therefore, President Obama.

The Rangel, Kerry and Blagojevich stories are really the last things the Democrats need right now.

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