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What’s More Idiotic: A Holocaust Memorial at the Atlantic City Boardwalk or a Mosque Next to Ground Zero?

Posted on July 28 2010 10:00 am
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The world is abundant in sacred memorials, whose dignity shouldn’t be violated under any circumstances:

It’s impossible to imagine a farmer’s market in the middle of the Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC.

It is sacrilegious to build an amusement park on the plaza next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Only idiots might decide to put up a Memorial to Anna Frank in the red-light district of Amsterdam.

These simple notions should be self-evident to every minimally intelligent person, including politicians. But the Atlantic City Council obviously consists of politicians whose intelligence is clouded and muddy – to the point of total non-existence. It became crystal clear to me when I read an article in the July 27 edition of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The title of the article was shocking:  “A new Holocaust memorial between the slot machines of Atlantic City.”

No, not exactly between the slot machines; the Holocaust Memorial would be erected right on the boardwalk, amid such highly cultured and extremely dignified establishments as Lucky Lou’s Tattoos, Massage Paradise, and Three Brothers Pizza Palace.

After being proposed in various forms for 29 years, the idea of a Holocaust memorial in the casino capital of the East Coast is about to come to fruition. “[The boardwalk] is a perfect location,” enthused former City Council commissioner Ed Colanzi, one of the project’s prime movers. “People will see it, and hopefully they’ll sit down and learn something from it.”

Oh, sure, the Atlantic City visitors will definitely see the Memorial if they are not too inebriated to see anything at all, and they will sit down at the nearby bar with such an attractive name as, say, Holocaust Deli and Grill, and, as Mr. Golanzi suggested, “they will learn something” from that experience.

But, as the author of the article remarked:

The Atlantic City boardwalk isn’t known to attract people who want to engage in particular introspection.

The article went on:

The idea for the memorial originated from a few people who approached Colanzi at a commission meeting in 1981, asking for a Holocaust memorial to be constructed at Garden Pier, an uptown and upscale location distant from the frenzy of the downtown boardwalk.

But in Colanzi’s estimation, the boardwalk is a much worthier locale, based on the large amount of foot traffic —10 million people — that comes through this section of the city each year.

With this foot traffic, of course, also comes the threat of vandalism and other crime that can be prevalent in districts known for gambling, alcohol consumption and nightlife.

Well, I’d like to ask the readers: what’s wrong with erecting a Holocaust Memorial at a filthy boardwalk of a casino capital, if the moron-like New York City Council politicians, with the blessing of Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo, have decided to allow the construction of a Muslim mosque next to the sacred Ground Zero?

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