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Fake Islamic inventions + my tax dollars = crazy delicious

Posted on July 28 2010 6:00 pm
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Last week, Alexander Levkovsky wrote about an exhibition at London’s Museum of Science celebrating “1001 inventions” from “the golden age of Islam.”

Levkovsky wrote:

Having some firsthand experience with frivolous handling of reality in the Islamic world (I have, after all, lived for eight years in Uzbekistan and five years in Israel), I immediately suspected that the exhibition was a collection of fairy tales, and I was right – it was indeed an attempt (funded, by the way, by British taxpayers) to lull gullible visitors with fairy tales of “great Islamic inventions”.

Indeed, despite all readily available evidence to the contrary, Muslim apologists have been insisting since 9/11 that their coreligionists invented everything from Arabic numerals to zero.

(Which is grimly funny, considering 19 Muslims had to steal planes they couldn’t fly into skyscrapers they didn’t build to achieve their despicable ends.)

Or you can point out the indisputable fact that only eight Muslims have ever won Nobel Prizes. (No doubt Islamophobia is the dastardly culprit.)

Or the UN’s Arab Human Development Report that:

…the whole Arab world translates about three hundred books annually–one fifth the number that Greece alone translates; investment in research and development is less than one seventh the world average; and Internet connectivity is worse than in sub-Saharan Africa.

But who cares, when liberal “culture workers” awash with other people’s money are pushing appeasement and misinformation?

Here in Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation isn’t our only taxpayer funded media outlet. TVO also gets government cash to run the usual hodgepodge of British imports and documentaries, along with their flagship program “The Agenda”, which — credit where credit is due — provided the nation with what a friend of mine breathlessly called, moments after it aired, “the greatest thing ever seen on Canadian television.” (Which is a really sad commentary — see below.)

Now I’m informed that tomorrow night, TVO is broadcasting a special extolling the imaginary and/or “so what?” contributions of Muslims to science. Ponderously entitled “Science and Islam: Empire of Reason,” the show is unironically promoted as an example of “Scientific Literacy.”

I say “so what?” because even if these specious claims about ancient Islamic scientific discoveries were all true, what have Muslims invented lately? They didn’t even come up with the suicide bomber.

The logical follow up question when confronted with such propaganda is to ask, “But what have you guys come up with in the last few centuries? And since the answer is ‘pretty much nothing,’ why is that?”

Of course, as illustrated below, asking such questions can get awfully expensive and exhausting.

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