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Colbert Report Guest: Girls Need to Stop Giving In to Guys So Quickly

Posted on July 28 2010 9:00 am
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This week Hephzibah Anderson was on The Colbert Report to discuss how she went without sex for a whole year–well, sort of—as Colbert said, she was on third base leaning towards home.

Anyway, she now feels that people, especially women, need to wait longer to have sex. No, she’s not arguing in favor of abstinence, but she learned the value of holding off for a little bit. As a 24-year old who is actually waiting until marriage, this is a topic of common discussion with girls I know who are intent on proving they are “like a dude” so I have a few things to say on the subject.

Here’s the interview below:

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First of all, she’s right about emotion. I can’t tell you how many girls I know “like” a guy and very quickly become sexually active with them before they are even officially dating. Here’s a common occurrence in my social life.

The sequence of events is reversed. Despite their denials, it is clear from how much they talk about this guy that they have become emotionally attached and the sexual activity has heightened that. Keep in mind, the rebuttal to being called a slut at this point is that they like the guy or are only sleeping with him, so I mean, they aren’t sleeping with just anybody.

Then, as they become attached, they always want a relationship. Oh, they may say they don’t, but they do everything a relationship entails without the official label. However, they’ve boxed themselves into a corner. The guy is receiving everything he wants without any kind of commitment. The incentives to move forward into a relationship are minimized and the incentives for the guy to maintain the status quo are maximized. Of course, this is a big generalization. If the girl is lucky, the guy will fall so hard for her at this point that no selfish impulse will be enough to stop him from proudly proclaiming her as his girlfriend.

So what’s my point? The idea that sex has become like kissing—just something people do to express interest in one another or even worse, just a form of relief, cheapens something that should be extremely special. In my case, it’s so special that I only feel my future wife should share it with me. And even more so, it distorts the relationship process.

So to all the women reading this, know there’s a simple way to separate the men who will take advantage of you from those who are genuinely interested in you as a person: Hold off. If he has real chemistry with you, holding off for a bit until you are considered to be his girlfriend will only earn his respect, admiration, and will confirm that his feelings for you are real and genuine. And that self-respect is incredibly attractive. As Hephzibah Anderson found out, sex is more than biology. It’s special and when it is treated as such, it is well worth the wait.

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