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Cameron Visits Turkey, Blames Israel for Gaza ‘Prison Camp’

Posted on July 28 2010 10:00 pm
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Cameron Blames Israel for Gaza Prison Camp

Conditions in Gaza

The standard Mohammedan elite propaganda issued to their oppressed public is that outsiders, and most particularly the Jews, are the proper target of their frustrations.

I can understand this coming from Mohammedan politicos, or preachers or newly minted royalty — who wants an angry mob surrounding the mansion? But why does the British Prime Minister want to help with the charade?

We have it from AFP by way of Breitbart, that Cameron blames Israel for conditions in Gaza. But worse than that, he lies, and he must know that he lies, about Gaza’s condition.

“Let me be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change… Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp,” he said in a speech to a business association during a visit to Turkey.

Gaza is run by Hamas. Israel is in no way responsible for living conditions there. If life in Gaza is like a prison camp, it is Hamas’ prerogative to improve matters … or not.

Now clearly, Hamas must blame Israel for the problems of the Gazan Arabs. But why Cameron?

Oddly, while Hamas’ priorities obviously have nothing to do with prosperity for the Gazan Arabs, and visibly Hamas rule is tending in an ever more oppressive Sharia direction, nonetheless, living conditions in Gaza are nothing like those in a prison camp. On the contrary, within the limitations set by a violent, corrupt and incompetent government, electric outages, random murders and the like, by any reasonable account living conditions in Gaza are, well … livable.

One can be quite sure that Cameron is not talking about Hamas’ political oppressions. And Cameron is well supplied with sources of information. Cameron’s comment can only have been deliberately intended as a slur and accusation against Israel.

In all likelihood, the answer is that he was speaking in Turkey. On which basis it is safe to assume that he was playing to the house. After all, isn’t that what a leader of a great western power does overseas these days? To please. To petition. To flatter. Principle be damned.

Just to dispel any doubt on that subject, he added:

“We’ve long supported lifting the blockade of Gaza,”

Indeed Minister, indeed.

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