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Why Journolist is Necessarily a Left-Wing Phenomenon

Posted on July 27 2010 11:00 am
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Because form follows function, liberal journalists have aligned themselves with the “progressive” (read: leftist) political movement, while conservative journalists eschew partisan affiliations altogether.

Journolist is the gift that keeps on giving. Indeed, the stunning Daily Caller expose continued today with a new report on how the Journolisters openly discussed the importance of left-wing message discipline and message coordination to help elect Barack Obama president. For example:

Luke Mitchell, then an editor at Harper’s, suggested [that] members of Journolist coordinate a progressive weekly message to help President Obama win the election, even though, [he said], that “sounds loathsome.”

JournoList’s members included dozens of straight-news reporters from major news organizations, including Time, Newsweek, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, PBS and a large NPR affiliate in California.

But no comparable conservative listserv has come to light — despite the Journolisters’ insistence that “everyone does it,” (participate in secret political listservs), even conservative journalists.

The lack of a conservative Journolist is not surprising. After all, as Fred Barnes observed last week in the Wall Street Journal, conservative journalists tend to be loners who jealously guard their professional independence. And so, they strike out on their own, chart their own paths, and define their own distinct professional identities. Individual initiative, after all, is a favored virtue for most conservatives.

Leftists, by contrast, tend to value the collective, group consciousness, and subordination of the individual to the collective. That’s why communist regimes, from the Soviet Union to Cambodia, have murdered tens of millions of people.

This was the price of progress, said the communists. To make an omelet, you first must break a few eggs. To create utopia, you, likewise, must set an example by exterminating the recalcitrant bourgeoisie.

I do not mean to suggest that most progressive journalists are communists or mass murders, because quite obviously they are not.

But they do share a common philosophical disposition that biases them toward collective action as opposed to individual initiative. And this surely helps to explain why Journolist was a left-wing phenomenon that has no known conservative counterpart.

Form follows function, after all, as surely as day follows night. And so, because leftist journalists view themselves as political activists, they seek to align themselves with the “progressive” (read: leftist) political movement. Conservative journalists, by contrast, view themselves as independent truth seekers; thus they eschew partisan affiliations.

In short, conservative journalists may be opinionated, but they’re fair. Leftist Journolists, by contrast, pretend not to have opinions and are manifestly unfair. It’s nature and nurture combined and it won’t change, at least not anytime soon.

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