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Transformative Justice and the Left; Why the TEA Party is “Racist”

Things were so much simpler in the old days. If a citizen was brutally murdered, those who were actually responsible for the act were sought out and brought to justice. The only points of debate were generally in regard to whether or not the accused were guilty. Today, though, there is a leftist “Justice League” in town, and their take on things would make Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman awfully confused.

Pax Christi USA is a prime Catholic Left organization within the larger progressive “Justice League”. They are true seekers of “justice” in the world and have committed themselves to its advancement. Good for them, except that their idea of “justice” is quite different from that of the average person. In fact, they really hope to tear down our old “cultural” perceptions of justice, like those we learned from Superman, Wonder Woman……….and even the Catholic Church which Pax Christi USA claims to represent on some level. The heroes from the cartoon Justice League (along with our religious leaders and our parents) have taught us all about Retributive Justice. In other words, “If you do the crime, you have to do the time.” This sort of thinking is anathema to the “justice” seekers on the Left.

In my last article, I described how the Catholic Campaign for Human Development [CCHD] is using “Transformative Education” to indoctrinate the poor to be Marxist agitators. As noted, a sister theory to Transformative Education is Transformative Justice. Transformative Justice is a theory that is in contrast to Retributive Justice in that the “cause” of the crime is seen not as the will of the perpetrator, but rather the system which the perpetrator is a part of. Blame, then, is not attributed to the perpetrators but to the entire system, or community, from which the perpetrator hails. It is the Left‘s adherence to their belief in Transformative Justice which causes them to believe that the TEA Party movement is racist and that the Catholic Church is filled with sexual predator priests.  They cannot bring themselves to get their minds around the idea of blaming an individual person for individual acts of injustice. Rather, they prefer to believe that if a few examples of bad behavior are found, the entire system wherein it was found is to blame. While they experience mass ego, the opposition experiences mass blame.

The murder of Abelino Mazariego-Torres is a very recent example.

According to an eyewitness, at least a dozen young men were present last Saturday evening when Abelino Mazariego-Torres, 47, of Summit, was beaten so severely while sitting on a park bench that he died three days later without regaining consciousness.

Authorities said several teens have been questioned in connection with the assault, but would not comment on whether more arrests are expected. They said the investigation is ongoing.

The local Pax Christi group issued a statement blaming the entire community for the crime.

The members of Pax Christi in Summit are heartbroken over the assault and subsequent death of Abelino Mazariego. It is difficult to comprehend how members of the same community could dismiss the humanity of a fellow citizen to the point of being responsible for his death.

Though this tragedy is beyond our comprehension, we acknowledge the suffering of the victim’s family and that of the perpetrators’ families. All have suffered a terrible loss. Our entire community mourns for them and with them.

We grieve for their loss and for the loss of a sense security in the idea that we were somehow set apart from the problems of society that lead to violence. The bloodshed of last Saturday has exposed a painful rift in our city and the tensions between race and class have become evident.

The members of Pax Christi are committed to eliminating the structures of inequality and injustice in our community. We ask our neighbors to join us as we re-dedicate ourselves to ending the injustices that contributed to this terrible tragedy.

Just as the CCHD has no business indoctrinating people using leftist Transformative Education, Pax Christi has no business denying the importance of retributive justice: a tenet that Cardinal Avery Dulles has rightly noted is “essential to biblical religion and Catholic faith.”

The Catholic Faithful have long had to deal with the Left trying to demonize the entire Catholic Church because of the actions of a few priests. Quite a few conservative non-Catholics have bought this lie, unfortunately. Now the TEA Party movement is getting a dose of what it’s like to suffer the confusion, disgust and pain we Catholics have suffered from the Left because of this mixed up idea called “Transformative Justice”. TEA Party activists shake their heads now in amazement as progressives paint the entire TEA Party movement as “racist” because of the actions of a few. Don’t take it personally, TEA Party. We Catholics have been there, done that, in regard to the “priest sex scandal.” Unfortunately, as I’ve shown here, many who call themselves Catholic — because they are leftists who think like other leftists — are continually perpetuating the view that whole communities are actually to blame for the severe actions of a few.

It doesn’t seem that we’ll be able to combat this problem with any ease. The Left is certainly on the march to inject this theory into our justice system as much as possible. I would submit that it doesn’t do much good to merely insist that the TEA Party isn’t racist based on the actions of a few individuals, as if they will somehow understand that logic. Such claims will likely only make them believe they are simply more “enlightened” than you are. If you’ve been asking yourself, though, where they come off making the outrageous claim that the TEA Party movement is completely racist, well, now you know.


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