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Newt Gingrich Challenges The New Mosque Near Ground Zero As A Symbol Of Islamic “Triumphalism”

Posted on July 27 2010 1:00 pm

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich put the proposed giant mosque-community center complex, which is planned to be built right near Ground Zero, in the proper perspective. It is an illustration of sheer hypocrisy on the part of the leaders of this project and other Islamists who profess religious tolerance but expect it to run in only one direction – in their favor.

Here is what Newt Gingrich had to say about the hypocritical mosque planners last night on Greta Van Sustern’s Fox News show, “On The Record”:

They didn’t propose, Let’s build a mosque, church and synagogue. They said, Let’s build a 13-story mosque and a community center… I find it very offensive to get lectured about religious liberty at a time when there are no churches and no synagogues in Saudi Arabia and when no Christian and no Jew can walk into Mecca.  I mean, I’d love to have these folks say, Let’s build a church and a synagogue in Mecca, or rather in Saudi Arabia… They’re not saying that. It is entirely one-sided and it is entirely, I think, a kind of triumphalism that we should not tolerate.

In his outreach to the Muslim world last year in Cairo, President Obama praised Islam for its “proud tradition of tolerance” and promised to do all that he can to ensure that there is nothing in our laws to impede “Muslim citizens practicing religion as they see fit.” (emphasis added)

The problem with Obama’s willingness to accommodate Islamic religious law – sharia – is that there is no apparent willingness on the part of Islamists devoted to sharia, who are living in our country, to accommodate their core practices to our core Western democratic values.

If Allah requires the segregation of men and women, then laws in our secular democratic society that protect the equal civil rights of men and women are seen to interfere with Muslims’ freedom to practice their religion as they see fit. So, for example, the community center pool planned for the huge new mosque complex near Ground Zero is likely to be segregated, but we must stand silent in the name of religious tolerance.

If freedom of expression, as defined and protected in Western law, leads to criticisms in non-Muslim countries that Muslims believe are insulting to their religion or prophet, then those who engage in such “insults” are branded Islamophobic racists by Islamists and their supporters.

As Newt Gingrich correctly points out, the Cordoba House – the new mosque complex named after the city in Spain where a conquering Muslim army replaced a church with a mosque – does not appear to be a symbol of true two-way religious tolerance and respect for all faiths. Instead, it will stand as a symbol of Islamic triumphalism:

The idea of a 13-story building set up by a group many of whom, frankly, are very hostile to our civilization — and I’m talking now about the people who organized this, many of whom are apologists for sharia, which is a form of law that I think we cannot allow in this country, period.

And I think that we have to recognize this is a fundamental choice here, and the radical Islamists — not — not Muslims who want to live their own lives and co-exist with Christians and Jews, the radical Islamists who are triumphalists who want to dominate the rest of us need to be confronted by us. And this mosque is an illustration of what they’re trying to do.


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  1. July 27, 2010

    Gingrich's opposition to the mega-mosque is laudable, but it must be acknowledged that on this issue – as with so many others – he's a Johnny-come-lately. Real leadership is being out in front on the issues.

  2. July 27, 2010

    Gingrich is a real opportunist. It is wrong for conservatives to trust him now to rally to the conservative cause. He should be shunned.

    • July 27, 2010

      Sorry, I am not going to "shun" anyone who can help stop this outrageous project. When we have won and the war is over, there will be time to be more picky, right now we can't afford to refuse anybody's help.

  3. July 27, 2010

    It’s good to see Newt waking up to the threat of Islam. I can remember just a few months ago on Greta Van Susteren’s show when Greta asked him what he would do about Afghanistan, and in his reply to her question Newt suggested building more roads over there faster, indicating that like GWB he thought the root cause of terrorism was poverty and despair instead of Islamic supremacism.

    Anyway, it is refreshing to see that Newt is beginning to wake up and have an understanding of the nature of the threat that is emanating from Islam, but his allusion to, “the radical Islamists — not — Muslims who want to live their own lives and co-exist with Christians and Jews,” comment indicates he still has a way to go. As apparently he believes that only radical Islam teaches the jihad ideology to make Islam supreme and only radical Islamists adhere to it.

    However, the jihad ideology to make Islam supreme couldn’t be anymore mainstream teachings within Islam, as it is taught by every sect and division in Islam and also by every school of Islamic jurisprudence, and because Islam is a religion of submission that forbids the freedom of conscience under the pain of death as opposed to faith-based religions where the freedom of conscience is unregulated, Muslims can’t easily reject that holy obligation to make Islam supreme without risking death.

    Furthermore, a Muslim who doesn’t believe in the Sharia, which is the divine will of Allah, in essence isn’t a Muslim. Hence, the Muslims that Newt refers to, “who want to live their own lives and co-exist with Christians and Jews,” in reality aren’t really Muslims.

    Hence, although Newt appears to be making some progress on the Islamic front, per his statements last night he still has a little way to go, but his performance this time around on Greta Van Susteren’s show was a vast improvement from his previous performances.

    Now, I would like to see other conservative leaders also stepping up to the plate, especially potential presidential contenders.

  4. July 27, 2010

    "Hypocrisy" is too tame a word. Hypocrites at least have some sense that the virtues in question are good–if hard to practice consistently.

    The people behind the mosque don't believe in religious tolerance at all. For them, it's merely a weapon to use against the infidels.

  5. July 27, 2010

    Interesting. I wonder if they'll tolerate protests with huge signs of pictures of Mohammad on their front steps? Our first amendment right and a way to test their tolerance. If they start burning cars and rioting then we'll know. And if officials prevent the protests then they'll be liers and hypocrites.

  6. July 28, 2010

    Chezwick_Mack, you said that Gingrich is a "johnny come lately" on this? Surely he is the first major politician to oppose this project.

    • July 29, 2010

      Wrong! Sarah Palin spoke out first. Newt is an egomaniac – beware his arrogance.
      Sarah Palin would be an honest broker for us. And that is what America needs. True
      blooded Americans – not those who obfuscate and lie about transparency!

  7. July 28, 2010

    What do you think will be said if someone built a Bar-B-Que restaurant near the mosque, named it PORKYS and broadcast OINKS over loud speakers five times a day, seven days a week? It's my opinion that this shows the same respect as given to us. I feel terrible writing this, but, I feel terrible at what they are trying to do to the poor victims of 9/11 more so.

  8. July 28, 2010

    Slowly…Too Slowly are we awakening to the horrors of the desire of the Islamic's
    Ideology to take over the World.I see this for what it is,and Our Leaders must get
    their heads out of the sand.We now have a President that spent years in Indonesia.
    He went to school there……what was he taught in Madrassa?????What do they
    teach their children in the Islamic Countries…….wake up before it is too late!!

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    July 28, 2010

    Symbolism is ingrained in the Muslim faith and this Mosque, like so many others, is purposely being built, as Newt believes, as a triumph of Muslims over the infidels. I'm surprised that they didn't try to buy another church or convent close to the former Twin Tower building as they have done so many times before across the country. It is their pattern as a "symbol" of triumph over us infidels.Over 90% of the funding comes from oil rich Saudi Arabia with text books on how to overthrow us infidels delivered to their congregations. Like Newt, I believe Americans are finally waking up, but I agree that more of our politicians better speak up without fear of being called a bigot as the Governor of New York, a Jew I might add, has the gall to call anyone who is against the building of this Mosque.where is the respect for those who gave their lives on 911?

    • July 28, 2010

      Reneeca, Don't forget history. The Germans had Capos and others helping them with their atrocities in Auschwitz. Makes you wonder where ones allegiance is at doesn't it ?

  10. July 28, 2010

    I just have been wondering about the swimming pool that the good people of Muslim Faith who want to build a "community center" with the mosque at ground zero. Will the swimming pool allow women to wear a bikini? More than likely the good people who build the mosque, will adhere to Shari'a Law for their property and the women will have to cover their bodies from head to toe. "Community Center" my – – -.

  11. July 28, 2010

    The mosque near Ground Zero undoubtedly represents Islamic triumph. Moreover, once such a place is
    enshrined, it will be considered Moslem ground, holy ground (only Moslems can kill Moslems in their mosques
    without a murmur of protest from anywhere – as happens all the time in Iraq and Pakistan in the war between
    Islamic factions. The way they have spread their faith over the centuries was to take over other people's
    holy places and build a mosque right on top. If animists in Africa worshiped a great tree – a Mosque would
    surround it; in Jerusalem they build a mosque atop the remnants of the one an only holy place to the Jews –
    the site of the temple on Temple Mount. In India, for instance, they build a great mosque atop the place of
    birth of the Hindu god Rahm about 400 years ago. The Hindus wrecked it a few years ago – and one does
    sympathize with their sentiment. The mosque near ground zero is another step in the same path.

  12. July 28, 2010

    A 13 story "flag" of Islamic conquest is being planted in New York city with the blessings of the loons in government and Leftists who cannot differentiate between freedom of religion and a knock out blow from a right cross. It is time for New Yorkers to take action.

  13. July 29, 2010

    No mosque – ever! This is the muslim way of flaunting islam in our faces.
    They killed 3000 people. Since then, there have been more than 15,000
    attacks against civiilization by muslims. So all of those bleeding hearts, those
    staunch and steller liberals, stand to the side – you have no business in de-
    ciding or condoning a mosque here. In fact, close all of the mosques – they
    are mini-military centers!

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