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Daily Kos Accuses David Horowitz of “Israel Bashing”

Posted on July 27 2010 6:00 pm
Mike Lumish is a teacher, a recent PhD in American History, a resident of San Francisco, a liberal, and until recently a Democrat, who is thoroughly disgusted with the anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred promoted by the Left... He also tends to smoke too much.
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Among the many thousands of horribly written and entirely unjust “diaries” that I have read on Daily Kos over the years, this one just has to be highlighted.  Someone who goes by the moniker “eztempo” published a piece attacking David Horowitz for the new Freedom Center ad that aired on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, yesterday.

In truth, I almost decided against writing about this because eztempo’s piece is so poorly done, so entirely irrational, so unintentionally humorous, and so lacking in substance, that it hardly needs rebuttal.  His most ridiculous claim, however, is the following:

David Horowitz is a gadfly… spreading the Malarial fever of Israel-bashing among progressive people…

Really? David Horowitz is bashing Israel? Anyone who takes a gander at the actual text of the ad can see that this statement is absurd on its face. Here’s the text:

Has president Obama abandoned Israel?

After strong support by 11 consecutive American presidents, it appears Obama has moved sharply toward Israel’s enemies and the results could be disastrous.

The leader of Hezbullah has vowed to finish the job Hitler started.

Up until now, America’s strong backing of Israel made that impossible. But with Obama’s waffling, could a second Holocaust be on the way?

If you think America is heading in the wrong direction, call the Freedom Center at 1-800-752-6562 and find out what you can do about it.

Hmmm. I don’t see much in the way of “Israel bashing” in the ad, do you?

I find that one of the favorite tactics of anti-Zionists and Israel Haters of the type that frequent anti-Israel websites, such as Daily Kos, is to unjustly accuse Israel of doing precisely what its enemies do. For example, while extremist Jihadis have used terrorism against the Jewish people in Palestine since the 1920s, on Daily Kos Israel is perpetually accused of being a “terrorist state.”

While Hamas positions its Kassam and Qatyusha rocket launchers near schools and mosques and hospitals, the “Kossacks” often accuse Israel of using human shields.

While countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan refuse to allow Jewish citizenship, they accuse Israel, the most ethnically diverse country in the Middle East, of being a racist country.

For this reason it should come as no surprise that eztempo accuses David Horowitz of Israel bashing.  Anyone who knows anything whatsoever about Mr. Horowitz’s years of Israel advocacy understands that such an accusation is beyond absurd.  Yet, there it is.

Of course, anyone who knows anything whatsoever about Daily Kos understands that the anti-Zionists there subject pro-Israel advocates to the same kinds of demonization and dehumanization that they spit at Israel, itself.

Speaking as a liberal, it is saddens me that anti-Semitism has become so prevalent on the liberal-left in the forms of exceedingly toxic anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred.  The political right has done a very good job of marginalizing Skin-Head types and Klansmen, even as the Left provides venues, such as Daily Kos, for a movement that despises the Jewish state and gives tacit, and sometimes overt, support to organizations like Hamas and Hezbullah and al-Qaida, or countries like Iran, that oppress women, kill gay people, attack Jews, hate Democracy and western culture, and that represent everything that liberalism is allegedly opposed to.

To accuse David Horowitz of “Israel bashing” is an obvious moral inversion of the truth.  What many people on the Left cannot see, unfortunately, is that they have allowed their movement to be hijacked by people who, if they don’t hate Jews, do everything in their power to undermine Jewish self-determination and self-defense.  They seem to like their Jews of the Cowering Ghetto Variety.

As Mr. Horowitz clearly demonstrates, however, the Day of the Dhimmi is Done.

Be sure to check out the ad:

Oh, and by the way, I voted for Barack Obama. You can imagine my horror when he actually took it upon himself to tell Jews where they may, or may not, live in Jerusalem, the ancient capital of the Jewish people.

That was perhaps the final nail in the coffin of my support for President Obama and the Democratic party.

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