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“Green” Fascism Starts with Bath Time

Posted on July 26 2010 9:00 am
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We're not safe even in our own bathroom.

We're not safe even in our own bathroom.

The Department of Energy, led by Barry Obama and DOE head Steven Chu, has decided that taking a nice, long shower is a waste of energy – and therefore should be regulated. In a move that is tantamount to an invasion of privacy, manufacturers may not meet a customer’s demand for an inefficient,  water-guzzling shower head. Failure to meet the 2.5 gallon per minute restriction can result in substantial fines to manufacturers (and, of course, higher costs for consumers). The fact that hot showers and baths have been shown to be effective and cheap psychological therapy – which, of course, can result in  billions of dollars in savings on medical and business related expenses – seems lost on these green fascists. I know it’s a small thing, but where does it end?

According to DOE lawyer Scott Blake Harris,

Did Congress limit consumer choice? Absolutely, when you waste water, you waste energy. Each multi-head shower fixture uses an extra 40 to 80 thermal units of energy per year, equivalent to 50 gallons of gasoline, or one barrel of oil.

Now, last time I checked, condoms were petroleum based products, too. Perhaps Obama and the DOE would like us to only have sex once per fiscal quarter? That may be a lot for less-than-desirable guys like Harris and Chu, but I think the rest of the general public would have a problem with it.

As stated by Plumbing Manufacturers Institute executive director Barbara Higgens, Mr. Harris is making “a value judgment”:

One person’s waste is another person’s therapeutic use of water.

Anyone who has ever taken a long, hot shower after a hard day or during an illness can testify to the therapeutic value of having a watery deluge pulsing streams of hot H2O and massaging away the cares and anxieties of the world. Certainly, no one can dispute the effective value of “wasting energy” in a shower with your significant other – something that 2.5 gallons per minute would make unnecessarily difficult.

This is an assault on our most intimate moments in life. Few people would expect the government to intrude on bath time. Perhaps Obama, Chu, and Harris would like to measure the height of the bubbles in my bubble bath to make sure they comply with building codes, too?

The Department of Energy is psycho!

The Department of Energy is psycho!

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