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Are Leftists Compulsive Liars?

Posted on July 26 2010 1:00 pm

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Aristotle taught that the highest human happiness is the intellectual contemplation of truth.

Aquinas defined truth as:

“The conformity of the mind with what is.”

When one accepts that truth is not something we make up individually, then finding out “what really is” outside of our own opinions and feelings becomes imperative in order to not live a life that is  meaningless.

NRB Editor David Swindle, along with bloggers Lisa Grass and Rhonda Robinson, are reading and analyzing their way up the Everest that is Leszek Kolakowski’s Main Currents of Marxism. Two posts sent down for the rest of us at Base Camp addressed this fundamental question of the seeking of truth. Understandably, truth figures in Kolakowski’s thousand page study of the most destructive counterfeit of reality, Leftist Marxism.

In Mastering Marxism With Rhonda, Lisa and David part 5, Swindle asks:

“How do we find truth?”

And blogger, Lisa Grass  says of Kolakowski:

“While the reading is laborious…it is important that we have this explanation in order to understand the depth of his credibility.”

We instinctively grasp that truthfulness is at the heart of human credibility.

Alan Dershowitz recently wrote an op/ed for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency denouncing the deliberate falsification of his position concerning Israel by J Street.  One may raise an eyebrow at much in the Dershowitz resume.  He understands, however, that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state and that she does not bear the chief responsibility for the Arab war against her.

“J Street, the leftist lobbying organization that claims to be pro-Israel, is running a television ad that divides the world into two groups: the good guys who support the two-state solution, the end of the occupation and peace; and the bad guys who oppose these results and instead favor a continuation of violence.  Pictured as representing anti-peace, me!  Now Jeremy Ben-Ami, who runs J Street…knows full well that I support the two-state solution and peace, and have opposed Israeli settlements since he was in diapers.  Ben-Ami knows this because we debated each other…and he publicly acknowledged that I support these positions. He knows that I wrote a book, The Case For Peace. For Ben-Ami to try to persuade the public that I oppose the two-state solution, favor expansion of the settlements and oppose peace is simply a lie, and a deliberate one at that. No softer word will suffice.”

After reading J Street’s deliberate falsification of Dershowitz’s position, David Horowitz asked:

“Are Leftists Compulsive Liars?”

“Palestine” is the Left’s new Vietnam, it is the Rosenbergs, it is Cuba.  It is the embodiment of the oppressed pitted against crushing capitalist Empire. There cannot be a third option, one Dershowitz claims to represent.  There can only be the revolutionary myth in which you either stand with Palestine as the victim, or with Israel, as the Empire.

Of course, the Leftist vision of the war on Israel is not true, is not “what really is.”  Since admitting the truth about Deshowitz implies a host of truths about Israel that J Street cannot endorse, they simply negate him, declare him to be what his is not.

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