David Horowitz in one of his pieces describes …

Posted on January 21 2019 7:05 pm
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Comment posted on Obama Kool-Aid Courtesy of America’s Catholic Bishops by jbtrevor

David Horowitz in one of his pieces describes the chaos of the Left; hating America & wishing to destroy it but with no idea of what to replace it with. If the Left is successful in destroying America I believe She will be replaced with a totalitarian regime or controlling interest like Islam since the two are so intensely bedded.
Re: the Catholic Church/Bishops. We have not had a Vicar of Christ sitting in the Seat of St. Peter aka the Bishop of Rome aka the Pope in many years. Recent Popes have sought to improve/transform Christ's Church rather than live it; no wonder the Bishops in the world stray…they have no leader.

jbtrevor also commented

  • I looked at website, but I couldn't find any studies demonstrating 'cures' for homosexuality…am I missing something?
  • The Church requires all of us to continually strive to seek what is good and turn away from what is evil.
    Regarding treatment for homosexuality…I've never seen a valid study of such treatments, so send me a link.
  • The Church does not condemn homosexuals, but does condemn homosexual acts. Also, most pedophiles including pedophile Priest are NOT homosexual…they are pedophiles.
    I agree with you on this: many of my friends who claim to be former Catholics (although I question whether they ever embraced the Catholic Church) state their dislike of the Church's inaction regarding adherence to some traditions over others as was the main reason for their leaving.
    I don't think I could ever leave the Church. There is nothing more comforting to me than knowing that regardless of where in the world I am, when I got to Sunday or Daily Mass, it will be the same Mass with the same Readings & prayers everywhere in the world in every language.
  • I agree that he was following the advice of the experts at the time. However as it became evident that pedifiles were criminals and their victims were suffering, what did Cardinal Law do? What did the church do? Hmmm
    We used to perform lobotomies on mentally ill people because it was standard treatment at the time. As better information became available not only was it implemented, but those that had suffered this horrible procedure were identified and provided care & treatment.
    I love the Church, but I abhor their response to both the victims and the pedofiles themselves….
  • Lisa, to whom is this directed? "I would have to dispute with you on your belief that the Pope is not the Vicar of Christ."
    I'm a bit confused with all the replies. My comment about the Vicar of Christ was an observation of the 'quality' of past few sitting Popes, not the actual role of the Pope & Bishops as described in the Catechism. It was meant to include the Popes not functioning as the head as the Church by imploring the Bishop's/faithful's loyalty & adherence to Tradition and to a lesser extent tradition. This has resulted in stray organizations like the CCHD & certain religious communities hijacking the faith by making it a multiple choice selection instead of being required to abide by Church teaching.
    BTW, I truly believe that were "a true Vicar of Christ" seated in Peter's Chair, Cardinal Bernard Law would have been defrocked, not promoted!

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