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Calvin, There’s No Moderate Way to State the Shocking Truths of Islam’s Reality – Or Avoid the Left’s Fears and Smears

Posted on July 25 2010 9:00 am
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For the sake of a focused dialogue I’ll put aside the semantic question of whether we should regard Islam as a religion or a political movement. In fact I’ll yield to Bosch Fawstin’s precise, useful terminology of Islam as a “political religion.” The words do not matter so much as how we respond to the thing itself. I drift more toward the “political movement” side of the spectrum because I argue that it should be treated in that fashion — as a body of ideas that need to be eradicated (as should be done with all insidious philosophies,) not a religion to be respected. Islam needs to be “eradicated” (a term that makes you uncomfortable, though admittedly I hesitated for a moment before deciding to publish Jeanette’s post) for the same reasons that the Left does.

The key issue here for discussion is one of tactics in waging this intellectual war.

Despite my providing an example of how the use of provocative headlines can yield to constructive dialogue with undecideds you seem to hold this against me, claiming that not everyone will get the opportunity to get to the heart of an argument:

It’s great that David managed to persuade a skeptical Twitterer of our true intentions, but the fact that David had to take the time to set him straight at all should tell us something. The best case scenario for eradication rhetoric is that we have to waste valuable time explaining that we’re not for a new Final Solution (and for what? What goal do we achieve this way that cannot be achieved any other way?) Further, the simple reality is that we’re not going to be Twitter buddies with everyone who raises an eyebrow. They’re not all going to be well-versed in the nuances of conservative thought. They’re not all going to have David Swindles, Jeanette Pryors or Calvin Freiburgers in their lives to set them straight; for many, the left-wing echo chamber of the mainstream media and popular culture will be all they ever hear on the subject.

The simple fact is this: if Jeanette did not have a striking headline then the post she had written would not have provoked people to read it and engage the ideas. The headline was “It’s Time to Put the Coffee Down and Eradicate Islam in the West.” How many leftists would have batted an eye if the headline was “It’s Time to Put the Coffee Down and Defeat Terrorists in the West”? None. And you and I wouldn’t be having a talk right now about how best to subvert Islam’s war against America.

The emotional provocation is not the end of the discussion, it’s only the beginning. Sure, it’s as far as some people will get. But that’s a reality of human nature that you and I both accept — vast numbers of human beings are superficial thinkers who are going to be disengaged from reality and return to watching “Dance Your A** Off” on the Oxygen network.

Should we mourn our “losing” them? No. We never had a chance of getting them in the first place. It’s the open-minded, center-leftists who would get ticked off at Jeanette’s headline who we actually have a shot at reaching. The emotional hit of being angry at us for telling the Truth is only step one. And it’s a step that I took before and imagine Jeanette did as well in her journey out of anti-Semitic, French, pseudo-Catholic fascism.

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