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Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) Led Me to Sarah Palin

Posted on July 24 2010 12:00 pm

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What a hoot to read the Daily Caller’s account of Left-wing journalists preparing to destroy Palin in order to put their Messiah into the White House.

Ed Kilgore, managing editor of the Democraticstrategist blog, must have been reading the P.U.M.A. website daily. His concern about former Clinton supporters defecting to the McCain/Palin camp couldn’t have been more accurate.

They decided to counter the potential  abandonment by focusing on the ideological differences between the Governor from Alaska and the Senator from New York.   The debate always came down to Palin’s pro-life, right-wing Christian roots and the scare tactic that she would reverse Roe v Wade.

That strategy may have worked with the feminists who were on the fence when Clinton went under, I don’t know. But for many of us original PUMAS the hijacking of the Democratic party and the democratic process on May 31, 2008 by the likes of Howard Dean and Donna Brazile changed our minds and hearts forever.

After rallying at the Wardman Hotel in NW Washingon on the day the DNC’s Rules and By-Laws Committe met to decide the fate of Florida and Michigan delegates, we waited. The sad news came that only half of the Florida delegates  would be seated with a 60-40 split in Michigan. The uncommitted delegates in Michigan would go to Obama even though he had removed his name from the ballot. The rules meant nothing.

Three days later on June 3, 2008, a 39-year old mother of three from Massachusetts, Darragh Murphy, started a blog for the disgusted and fed-up women(and men), many of whom were lifelong Dems. Brazile’s call for ‘unity’ made us sick and so the name P.U.M.A was born. The 2008 homepage read:

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