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Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress: Unrepentant stealth agitprop for Obama ’08

Posted on July 24 2010 1:00 pm

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So what do you do when you’re known as a responsible journalist, a trusted gate-keeper of information to the public, and some knuckle-dragging conservative colleague exposes you for what you really are: a political operative who conspires with other sham journalists to mold information into a vote-yielding commodity — measured and packaged into little lefty pills specially formulated to transform Americans into their unwitting marionettes on Election Day?

Well, if you’re Matthew Yglesias with Think Progress, you dig up your old textbook from Reporting 201, take a red pencil to that offending piece, and shoot off a snotty email to the the author — in this case, Jonathan Strong with the Daily Caller — sarcastically titled, “Another day, another lack of primary source documentation.”

Picture yourself being lectured by Lindsay Lohan for improper turn signal usage and you’ll have an idea of the level of hypocrisy in play here. But there is no shame. In fact Yglesias’ communication with Strong oozes with exaggerated tolerance and feigned intent to tutor a doltish neophyte on the basics of journalistic principles.

Ironically, however, the issue involves Yglesias’ activities with an exclusive on-line forum called JournoList – an association that disqualifies him from instructing a four-year-old on sandbox ethics.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from posting a petulant jab at Strong on his blog yesterday, which included an email exchange that took place this week:

I wrote you about this yesterday, but I continue to be curious as to why it is that you’re writing this series of stories based on misleading descriptions of excerpts of JournoList emails where you don’t post the full text of the emails online anywhere.

Strong responded by requesting a comment from Yglesias for his piece about the JournoList’s treatment of Sarah Palin which was published on the Daily Caller yesterday.

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