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Racism: Time to Stop Feeding the Beast

Posted on July 23 2010 1:00 pm
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How much longer will the American people allow themselves to be used as pawns in the racist chess game? When will we finally refuse to stop feeding into it? This past weeks’ stories from the NAACP declaration against the Tea Party to Shirley Sherrod (soon to be a made-for-TV-movie?) are just the latest examples taking place during an administration that has taken the obsession with race to a new level.

Marxists have long recognized the effectiveness of this tool and used it for decades. Victor Yassman states the following in his piece called “Russia: Using Racism Is A Time-Honored Kremlin Tool”. This sounds like a familiar ploy to me:

A third goal, according to Saidov, is to depict the Kremlin’s political opponents as “racists” and “extremists.”

It’s also been the career of choice for many — the gift that keeps on giving. Jesse Jackson is just one example of someone who has built an entire empire out of using the race card. Discover The Networks outlines years of his divisive and self serving activities. We all know it, yet we have allowed it to go on and on.

Do you really think that all of our politicians and “civil rights” leaders want an end to racism? Certainly some might, but for many, I would suggest not, as they continue to fuel the flames and use it decade after decade to divide us and promote agendas, as seen with the current unwarranted attacks on Arizona and the Tea Party movement.

Perhaps they have finally begun to overplay their hand. When you cry “racism” at every turn, as has become the norm for this administration and their supporters, it starts having the effect of the boy who cried wolf. People are starting to tune it out and it is becoming quite tiresome.

Last week’s post from Chris Yogerst highlighting the wise words of Morgan Freeman said it all for me.

Stop talking about it.

We have to starve this evil and divisive effort by refusing to continue to feed it. This is something we all must do; white, black, brown, progressive or conservative. Allowing it to go on, no matter which “side” it’s coming from, has been a disservice to our country and to us all. Stop feeding the beast.

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